Breath of the Wild Ja Baij Shrine Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Ja Baij Shrine Walkthrough

Here's our guide on beating the Bomb Trial in Zelda Breath of the Wild, and how to find the Ja Baji Shrine.

There are well over 100 total Shrines littered throughout Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In this particular Zelda Breath of the Wild Ja Baij Shrine guide, we'll be walking you through how to solve the Breath of the Wild Bomb Trial as easily as possible.

Breath of the Wild Ja Baij Solution

The Ja Baij shrine will likely be the first time you see bombs in Breath of the Wild. Here's the solution to it:

  1. Approach carefully in order not to wake any of the sleeping Guardians (the mechanical stone creatures). Getting into a battle with them early on is very dangerous as their powerful blasts can kill Link instantly. Once you've made your way to the shrine, examine the terminal and make your way down the lift.
  2. Ja Baij Shrine Location Breath of the Wild
    The location the the Ja Baij Shrine
  3. Examine the terminal in the far left corner to distill the rune. This grants Link the Remote Bomb ability (remotely detonate bombs). An impassible brick wall is found down the stairs. Drop a bomb in front of it and then remotely detonate. You can now move into the next room.
  4. Blow up the wall round to the right to find a chest housing a Traveler's Claymore (a basic sword) and then blow up the other wall to progress up a ladder into a room with a moving platform. Place a bomb on the moving platform, move back over to the entrance of the room and then detonate the bomb once it is next to the brick wall (or simply throw a bomb to the far side of the room below and detonate).
  5. Drop the bomb down this pipe
  6. The following large room includes numerous cannon-like devices that propel bombs. Place a bomb down the pipe next to the most immediate cannon, wait for the cannon to fire the bomb over the gap, then detonate the bomb once it has landed on the bricks on the other side.
  7. A treasure chest can be seen over to the left of the room. To get access to it and retrieve the Amber it houses, wait for the cannon opposite it to reset, then jump in front of it and wait to be fired across.
  8. Make your way across to the other side of the room to claim your Spirit Orb. On exiting the Ja Baij Shrine you'll encounter two skeletons. These aren't tricky to fight.

Those Guardians are a bit much, aren't they? Although it's tempting to take them on, dodging behind walls to evade their fire, it's really not worth it at this stage. It is possible to kill Guardians, though, with just a shield.

We have a lot more on Breath of the Wild for you to take a look at. There's Mat's writeup on how you can use whistling to fish. Next up is Hirun's piece on how to launch Guardians into the area using the Cryonis Rune.

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