Breath of the Wild Kaam Ya’Tak Shrine Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Kaam Ya’Tak Shrine Walkthrough

This is our guide on beating the Trial of Power in Zelda Breath of the Wild, and how to find the Kaam Ya'Tak Shrine.

As you can probably deduce from the name of the trial, the Trial of Power in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild can be pretty tough to complete. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Kaam Ya'Tuk Shrine guide, we'll be detailing how you can make it through this one Shrine as easily as possible in the open world of Hyrule.

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Breath of the Wild Trial of Power Walkthrough

Head here to tackle a lengthy and challenging trial
  1. Walk down the stairs towards the large boulder being hung underneath a suspended tunnel. The large boulder is connected to a smaller metal ball inside the tunnel, so you're able to move this by using Magnesis. Drag the metal ball to the other side of the tunnel and then let go, causing the boulder to swing across and open the doors.
  2. Use Magnesis to move a small ball connected to the boulder
  3. Through the two large doors you'll see a number of rolling boulders that will wipe Link out if they hit him. The first lot are easy to get by, with good timing being all that's needed. The second set require you to use Stasis. Target a boulder as it comes out of the left hand side and then freeze it. This will lock it in place and also prevent any others from getting down. Use this window to walk through and to the next area.
  4. A pair of foes guard a secret treasure chest round the corner. Behind them is a ramp with a boulder at the top. You might notice it's sat on a wooden platform, and that there is a flaming torch hanging just in front of it. Shoot the rope above the torch and it will crash to the ground, igniting the leaves and in turn burning the platform.
  5. Set fire to this and the boulder will roll
  6. The boulder will roll down, hopefully taking out the enemies and then pushing through the door at the other end of the room. If the enemies aren't taken out they aren't too challenging to tackle with melee attacks. The secret chest will award with you a lovely 50 Damage rated sword. A second chest can be found through the door and to the left of the stairs, giving you a 26 Damage rated Broadsword.

How to Solve the Boulder in the Contraption Puzzle

  1. Follow the path round until you meet two more triped enemies. Take these two out and then head down the stairs. Up ahead is a tilting bridge. Don't run onto it as doing so will send Link falling to his death. Use Stasis on the bridge and then cross.
  2. Freeze this bridge to allow the boulder to roll along it
  3. Up ahead is a large contraption that features a boulder and a hammer. A third chest is at the far end of the hall and it will give you an ancient core.The spinning terminal up the stairs gives Link access to the hammer, with the movement of your controller determining its swing. If you try swinging the hammer into the boulder you'll notice that it can't seem to push it over the ramp and into the hole. Exit the terminal and use Stasis on the boulder to freeze it, then hit it twice with the hammer. Once time returns to normal the boulder will roll into the hole, down the ramp and through the doors.
  4. Keep moving forwards until you reach another puzzle, this time involving a boulder, fire, a bridge and a switch. Use Stasis on the bridge to safely cross it. Then light an arrow on the fire and shoot it into the area beneath the boulder. This will start a never ending sequence of boulders rolling down. Next you need to use Stasis on the bridge again, then time the pressing of the large switch so that the boulder is lifted up and across the gap. It will then roll across the bridge and through the doors.
  5. Walk through the door and you'll see a large hammer on a set of rails. Use Stasis on it and then repeatedly strike it in the direction of the closed gate. Once time resumes on the object it will fly forwards and open the path through.
  6. Hit this and Link will go flying
  7. Now you're at the final part of the Trial. An orange jewel of sorts up ahead is a touch activated switch that sends a pillar flying upwards. Stand just behind it and hit the switch to send Link up. To reach the end Link must fly up and forwards using the momentum, but if you stand still you can then glide off the pillar and behind the final treasure chest. It'll give you a diamond.
  8. Now repeat the process to lower then raise the pillar, making Link flying forwards to reach the end and claim your Spirit Orb.

If you're yet to get one, maybe spend a little time buying a house. You'll need plenty of money for that so head over to our rupees guide in order to amass as many as possible. Being in Hyrule can be dangerous, so make sure you know how to kill Guardians, and brush up on earning hearts and stamina.

That's all we have on this subject, but worry not as there's plenty more Breath of the Wild content right here on USG. First off, there's this news story on Twitch Plays beating its first Guardian. After that, be sure to head over to our write-up of the awesome Wind Waker easter egg hidden in the game.

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