Breath of the Wild Keh Namut Shrine Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Keh Namut Shrine Walkthrough

This is our guide on finding the Keh Namut Shrine in Zelda Breath of the Wild, and how to solve the Cyronis Trial.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hyrule has a ton of hidden secrets littered throughout the world, an aspect of which are Shrines. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Keh Namut Shrine guide, we'll be walking you through solving the Breath of the Wild Cryonis Trial as easily as possible, so you can forge ahead with the main story of the game.

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Breath of the Wild Keh Namut Shrine Location

This is where you can find Keh Namut

With the Warm Doublet equipped enter the cold zone to the east of the Temple of Time and walk past the first broken bridge until you come to a second bridge, this time with only a single piece missing. Use your Magnesis to lift the nearby metal plate onto the pillars in the water, with one end of the plate on the land. Even if you don't align things perfectly, you'll be able to jump up to the bridge section without any difficulty.

the legend of zelda breath of the wild keh namut shrine location solution guide
Move the plate using Magnesis and you can get across

After crossing the bridge head off slightly to the right and follow the snow path up and round to climb the mountain and reach the Keh Namut Shrine. Watch out for enemies and a few large snowballs being rolled down at you. Once you've reached the top, examine the terminal and head down using the lift.

Keh Namut Shrine Walkthrough

The Keh Namut Shrine is the first shrine that teaches you to use the Cryonis Rune for the Sheikah Slate. Here's how to beat it.

  1. Examine the terminal to the left of the room to gain the Cryonis rune power. This allows you to create pillars of ice in water, which can then be used as stepping stones.
  2. Use Cryonis to place an ice pillar in the water at the end of the room. Climb the pillar and then place another in front, allowing you to leap across to the platform. Follow the path round until you get to a gate. Use Cryonis to build an ice pillar beneath the gate, forcing it up and opening up a path ahead. A spider is waiting for you, so dodge its projectile attacks and hit from distance with a couple of arrows.
  3. A concrete slab lies ahead, and can be turned into a ramp up to the platform above by placing an ice pillar at one end. Before you climb the ramp, look behind and to the right and you'll see a treasure chest on a platform that's out of reach. Place a pillar beneath it and climb to get the treasure.
  4. After walking up the ramp, follow the path to reach the end of the trial and claim your Spirit Orb.
Raise one side of this using an ice pillar

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