Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine Walkthrough

Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine Walkthrough

This is our guide on beating the Timing is Critical Trial in Zelda Breath of the Wild, found in the Ree Dahee Shrine.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is littered with Shrines to be completed out in the open world of Hyrule. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Shrine guide, we'll be walking you through completing the Breath of the Wild Timing is Critical Trial as easily as possible, which can be beaten with a few simple tricks.

Breath of the Wild Ree Dahee Walkthrough

Head here to find the Ree Dahee Shrine
  1. If you’re approaching Ree Dahee from the east you’ll come across a large camp of dangerous Bokoblins. Running into this group is a big risk unless you’re confident in your melee combat skills. Explosive barrels circle the group, which make for ideal targets and will weaken most of the enemies when hit. If you have any bomb arrows you can fire one in and make short work of the entire pack.
  2. Once the Bokoblins have been defeated, head over to the foot of the cliff beneath the shrine. Climb up and examine to start the Timing is Critical Trial.
  3. Step on the orange floor switch directly ahead. This tips a platform in the distance, sending a boulder into a glowing orange hole, in turn activating a moving platform. When the platform makes its way over, step on and ride it to the next area.
  4. The next puzzle is very similar, but this time you must time the floor switch presses. Step onto the switch to roll the boulder down, then step off as it reaches the bottom of the ramp. If timed correctly the boulder will then change direction and end up in the hole to the left. This activates another moving platform that you can ride to the next area.
  5. Freeze the floor switch to reach the secret chest
  6. Before heading to the the end and claiming a Spirit Orb, it’s worth taking a moment to open the secret treasure chest up and to the left of the room. In order to reach it you’ll need to do a little time manipulation on the switch you've just used. Step on it to tilt the platform up towards the chest, then step off and use Stasis to freeze the switch in position just before the moving platform leaves. Ride the platform across and quickly head up to the chest. Getting the timing right is tricky, so you may have to make multiple attempts before finally cracking it. You’ve just acquired a Climber’s Bandana, which enhances your core strength and improves your climbing ability.

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