Zeldas Breath of the Wild Champion Urbosa's Song - How to Defeat the Molduking, Thunderblight Ganon

Zeldas Breath of the Wild Champion Urbosa's Song - How to Defeat the Molduking, Thunderblight Ganon

Here's our guide on how to complete Champions Urbosa's Song quest, in the Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC pack.

Champion Urbosa has her very own quest in The Champions' Ballad DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it can be pretty tough to complete. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Champion Urbosa's Song guide, we'll be walking you through completing the entire quest as easily as possible, including a few pesky Shrines that'll stand in your way.

Zelda Breath of the Wild Champion Urbosa's Song

Once you've successfully completed the trial of the One-Hit Obliterator, Link will be tasked with tracking down the four stone monuments that have appeared around the map, each representing a different Champion.

To begin the Champion Urbosa's Song quest, you'll need to travel to the Wasteland Tower, and head to the marker south east, past Divine Beast Vah Naboris. As you draw near the monument, you'll hear the sound of Kass' harmonica, and once you've ascended to the monument, Kass will sing Link a song about the Champion Urbosa.

At this point, it's now up to Link to find and complete each of the following challenges:

  • One, fight the brute of the sand.
  • Two, chase rings upon the land.
  • Three, throw the orb underground.

To solve the first part, head just west of the monument to where the Gerudo Desert begins, and you'll encounter the Molduking in the sand. To kill this beast, stand on top of a pillar, and bait it into biting by throwing the Bomb Rune down onto the sand. Detonate the Bomb Rune while the Molduking is in the air, and you'll be able to run it for a few quick hits.

To kill the Molduking quicker, activate Urbosa's Fury by holding down Y, and you'll be guaranteed to take off at least a quarter of the beast's health bar each time. Once the Molduking is dead, collect the three Roal Guard's Shields in the three chests, and then head into the new Keive Tala (Big or Small) Shrine.

Champions' Ballad DLC Keive Tala, Big or Small Shrine Guide

For the brand new Keive Tala Shrine, you'll want to complete the electrical circuit that's on your left, using the three magnetic blocks on the right. For a start, use a small block to act as an electrical conduit between the two small balls underwater, and then use the other small block to raise the platform up to the right of there, so the block can stand on top of the raised platform and continue the current.

Next, raise the large ball out of the water, and loop it over the outstretched rod to the right, so when you let go it dangles just above the water. Finally, to the right of the large ball, you can complete the circuit by raising an ice block with the Cyronis Rune, and resting the largest magnetic block on top of their to complete the circuit.

To end the Keive Tala, Big or Small Shrine, walk through the now open gate and retrieve the Naboris's Emblem, bringing to a close the first section of the Champion Urbosa's Song quest.

Champion Urbosa's Song Quest - Chase Rings Upon the Land

For the second of the three mysterious lines given to Link by Kass, you'll want to warp to the Daqo Chisay Shrine next to Gerudo Town, and use your Bomb Rune to stun one of the Sand Seals residing outside the main entrance to the town.

Grab onto the Sand Seal, and steer your way directly north west of Gerudo Town, between the town and the West Barrens. You should pass some more Sand Seals, and then ahead of you, you'll see a blue ring above the ground. This is the start of the obstacle course, which you'll have to make it through relatively quickly with your Sand Seal, without hitting any obstacles of Lizalfos, to complete.

Once you've made it through the final ring (there are roughly seven in total), the new Takami Shimi/Dual Purpose Shrine will appear out of the ground.

Champions' Ballad DLC Takama Shimi, Dual Purpose Shrine

The Takami Shimi Shrine is once again about conducting electric currents, but this time you're moving around huge blocks, that Link will also have to stand on to navigate each area of the complex Shrine.

Start off by moving both blocks to the left so Link can run across them to the end, and then move the two blocks back to the opposite side so they can form an electrical circuit and open the gates. The exact same applied for this next area, except you'll now need to move every block, bar the first one, up to the gate at the other end. Now use the block left behind to reach the walkway on the right of the area, and then move it up so that all the blocks form one big square.

Now move the block next to the base electrical conductor away, taking away the flow so that Link can stand on the block in front of the gate. Now move the previous block back into position, and the current will be complete, allowing Link to proceed through to the third area.

For the third area, you want to position all the climbable blocks in the middle, allowing Link to ascend to the higher walkway on the right of the area. Now position the two blocks at the bottom over to the right, the two blocks on the middle row in the middle, and leave the block in the top left where it is, to complete the electrical circuit.

Champion Urbosa's Song Quest - Throw the Orb Underground

For the third and final riddle in the quest, you'll have to head back inside the Yiga Clan Hideout. The usual entrance is now blocked, so head just east and slightly north of the Clan Hideout marker on the map, and drop down to find a character called Mils waiting outside the entrance.

Head inside the Yiga Clan Hideout, and carefully make your way to the ladder that leads up to the area above where the three brutes are patrolling. Here, along with a load of Mighty Bananas, you'll find the orb, which you'll now have to carefully carry back outside to where Mils is waiting. Simply throw the orb into the gaping hole in the middle of the outdoor arena, and the Kihiro Moh/Inside the Box Shrine will appear.

Champions' Ballad DLC Kihiro Moh, Inside the Box Shrine

The Kihiro Moh Shrine looks fairly complex, but it's actually pretty simple to solve. Firstly, the put the pink orb in the top left corner, the green orb one hole down in the adjacent column, the yellow orb orb in the next column on the other side but in the same hole, and finally the blue orb in last column, but two holes down from the yellow one.

The gates will open if you've got the order of the orbs correct, and the Kihiro Moh Shrine will be complete for Link to finish. Now it's time to head all the way back to Divine Beast Vah Naboris, where quite the challenge awaits Link.

Champion's Ballad DLC Thunderblight Ganon Boss Guide

When you get to Divine Beast Vah Naboris, Link will be tasked with taking down Thunderblight Ganon once again, except this time he'll have only Urbosa's equipment to use.

Head down to the lower level for the first stage of the fight, which you can complete fairly quickly by dodging Thunderblight Ganon's lightning orbs, then using Daruk's Protection whenever it goes to attack you to repel the boss, letting Link land a few quick hits. Whenever Thunderblight Ganon drops to the floor after being attacked, make sure to run to him and land in a few more hits, instead of backing off.

In the second stage of the boss battle, when Thunderblight Ganon starts summoning lightning pillars, head back to the upper level, and use Magnesis to pick up one of the pillars close to him, holding it near the boss until it explodes and inflicts damage.

For the third and final phase of the Thunderblight Ganon boss fight, you'll want to head back down to the lower level. This section is more difficult, as the boss is now charged up with lightning, meaning if you block any attacks with your shield, Link will automatically drop all his equipped weapons.

We'd recommend backing off, and running away from Thunderblight Ganon until you see his thunder charge wear off. At this point, hold your shield up and block the next incoming attack, and you can now press the attack with Link, delivering the final blow to the Thunderblight Ganon boss.

After you've taken down the boss and wrapped up the Champion Urbosa's Song quest, you'll be treated to a nice lengthy cut scene exploring the relationship between Urbosa and Zelda, as well as obtaining Urbosa's Fury + for your hard work.

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