Zelda Breath of the Wild Treasure Garb of Winds - How to Get the Island Lobster Shirt in the BOTW Champions' Ballad DLC

Zelda Breath of the Wild Treasure Garb of Winds - How to Get the Island Lobster Shirt in the BOTW Champions' Ballad DLC

This is where to find the Treasure Garb of Winds and Island Lobster Shirt in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The Champions' Ballad DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has a ton of new additions, one of which is the Treasure Garb of Winds. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild Island Lobster Shirt guide, we'll be pointing out where on the map of Hyrule you need to go to in order to retrieve the new gear outfit as easily as possible.

Breath of the Wild Island Lobster Shirt

To kick off the whole Champions' Ballad DLC Pack 2, make sure you've updated Breath of the Wild to the most recent version, and then load up your in-game save. Since you don't have to have beaten all four Divine Beasts to undertake the Treasure Garb of Winds quest (unlike the story quests of the DLC Pack 2), you'll instantly hear Zelda's voice, telling Link that many more challenges await him.

At this point, you should make your way to Deya Village Ruins, which can be reached by heading south east from Bosh Kala Shrine, and there you can find a small book underneath a fallen beam of a house, among one of the many ruined houses in the village. The booked, titled 'Misko's EX Journal 2', will instruct Link to head to "where the Menoat river was born".

South of Lake Hylia, you'll find Lake Tower, which you should warp to and then head south to Lake Menoat. When you approach the lake itself, you want to head directly to the small island in the top left corner of the lake, nearest to where the water is flowing from. If you use the Magnesis Rune, you'll be able to see the DLC chest buried in the water, but you won't be able to reach it from the small island.

Create however many ice blocks with the Cryonis Rune to move in the direction of the chest, and then pull it out of the water from atop the Cryonic block of ice. Now place the DLC chest back on solid ground on the small island that Link was previously on, and the Island Lobster Shirt is yours to claim.

This concludes the Treasure Garb of Winds quest for the new Champions' Ballad DLC for Breath of the Wild. With this Island Lobster Shirt, Link is sure to bring back memories of Wind Waker for you, but don't expect the new item to do much in the way of combat protection.

Now that we're done with the Island Lobster Shirt guide for Breath of the Wild, why not check out our additional guides on the new Champions' Ballad DLC Pack 2, including how to complete the Champions' Ballad quest, as well as how to complete Champion Urbosa's Song quest.

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