Yakuza 6 Guide - How to Master Combat Combos, How to Take Pictures and Selfies - Yakuza 6 Tips and Tricks

Yakuza 6 Guide - How to Master Combat Combos, How to Take Pictures and Selfies - Yakuza 6 Tips and Tricks

This Yakuza 6 guide will help you reach the end of Kiryu’s journey, but there’s a whole lot to do in his final outing, like taking selfies, mastering combat techniques, and increasing stats with EXP. We've also got safe and key locations, plus how to find all the cats and the Clan Codes for Clan Creator.

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is the grand farewell tour of the legendary Kazuma Kiryu, and the brand new Dragon Engine is ready to take you round the revamped Kamurocho. In this Yakuza 6 guide, we’ll be walking you through everything from how to master combat, all the way to how to take pictures, and earning EXP quickly to increase all your stats.

New to the Yakuza series? If you’re unsure of where to start playing the long-running franchise, or you need a reminder of past events heading into Yakuza 6, head over to our complete Yakuza series story primer. Carry on reading for links to other Yakuza 6 guides.

Yakuza 6 Guide

If you’re a veteran of the Yakuza series, or if your first entry to the franchise was the much-loved Yakuza 0 back at the beginning of 2017, then you’ll be familiar with your surroundings. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life takes place in the same Kamurocho for the most part, but also takes a trip out to the countryside of Hiroshima at times, for a nice change of pace and scenery from the hectic city lifestyle. Our Yakuza 6 guide will give you all you need to know you get started, and then provide you with the locations of numerous hidden items in the game.

Yakuza 6 might be running on the brand new Dragon Engine, but it very much functions as the same old fighting game. There are still marauding gangs roaming the streets of both Kamurocho and Onomichi looking for a fight, but fighting is the one thing that Kiryu is best at. Just below, we’ll break down the combat controls of Yakuza 6 for you, so you’re never lost in the heat of battle.

Yakuza 6 Guide - Combat Controls

  • Light attack - Square
  • Heavy attack/kick - Triangle
  • Grab - Circle
  • Dodge - Cross
  • Spring - Hold cross
  • Heat mode - Right trigger
  • Pick up weapon - Circle

For every punch or kick you land on an opponent, you’ll continually build up your Heat Gauge at the top left of the HUD, which is represented by the three orbs just underneath Kiryu’s red health bar. When the Heat Gauge is filled to at least one orb, you can press the right trigger to activate Heat Mode, bringing out the Dragon of Dojima in Kiryu and basically making him unstoppable for a limited amount of time.

While Heat Mode is active you won’t be stunned by enemy attacks, and you can also repeatedly press Square to lay into enemies with consecutive punches. Land enough punches in a row on an opponent, and you’ll activate a quick time event. This quick time event might seem complex, but the order of the buttons always goes like this: Square, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle. If you can memorise this pattern, you can deal massive amounts of damage to a single opponent, which can be crucial during heated boss battles.

How to Take Pictures and Selfies in Yakuza 6

Bring up the pause menu for Yakuza 6 by pressing the Options button on your Dualshock 4, and you’ll see the Photos option in the bottom left corner, where all the photos you take throughout the game are stored. To access your camera while you’re exploring either Kamurocho or Onomichi, simply press up on the D-pad of the Dualshock 4, and you’ll be taken into the first-person view of the camera on Kiryu’s smartphone.

You can still actually move around while in this camera mode, so don’t worry about Kiryu being rooted to the spot while you’re trying to take the perfect photo of Kamurocho. Press Options to bring up your photo library, left trigger to zoom out and right trigger to zoom in, and you can also press Square to cycle through filters for your photos, of which there are three in total.

If you press Triangle while in the camera mode, you’ll flip the camera round entirely, facing it towards Kiryu so you can get a selfie of the Dragon of Dojima. We can’t really imagine the legendary Yakuza taking a selfie, but we also can’t imagine him going to an internet cafe to make women strip online for him, which is another activity you can undertake in Yakuza 6.

This might be the conclusion of our complete Yakuza 6: The Song of Life guide, but we’ll continually be adding to our guides on the farewell tour of Kazuma Kiryu, whenever we uncover any new or interesting details about the game.

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