Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Safe Locations and Key Locations - How to Find Every Safe and Key in Kamurocho

Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Safe Locations and Key Locations - How to Find Every Safe and Key in Kamurocho

This Yakuza 6 guide will help you reach the end of Kiryu’s journey, but there’s a whole lot to do in his final outing, like taking selfies, mastering combat techniques, and increasing stats with EXP. We've also got safe and key locations, plus how to find all the cats and the Clan Codes for Clan Creator.

Safe keys are a small collectible item that Kiryu is going to spend a fair bit of time tracking down in Yakuza 6, all to recover the unknown items that are hidden in every safe. In this Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Safe Locations and Key Locations guide, we’ll be walking you through the Kamurocho Safe Keys locations, as well as listing the rewards you can obtain from each and every safe scattered around the city.

If you need help with any other areas of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, including how to master the basics of combat, as well as how to take the perfect selfie of Kiryu, make sure to check out our Yakuza 6 guides hub.

Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Safe Locations and Key Locations

All throughout the guide just below, we’ll walk you through the locations of all five safe keys scattered through Kamurocho in Yakuza 6, as well as revealing the hidden contents you’ll obtain from unlocking each and every safe. The safe keys found in Kamurocho are often hidden away and out of sight, so we’ll cut down the time you spend foraging around for them significantly.

Yakuza 6 Key Location for Safe on Yoshida Batting Center

Firstly, for the safe found in the Yoshida Batting Center, simply head to the short street that runs behind the back of the batting center, and you can find the safe key on the stairs leading up to the roof of the building. When you unlock the safe on the roof of the Yoshida Batting Center, you’ll gain four Tomes which are sent to your Items menu, and each of which increases either your Strength, Agility, Spirit, Technique, or Charm EXP by 100 points when used.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Safe on West Taihei Boulevard

Next, head south to West Taihei Boulevard, and you can find the safe key just outside the entrance of the actual building that houses the safe itself, next to the traffic cone. The safe in the building will grant Kiryu the Hunger Belt, which gives bonuses to both evasion, defense, and digestion.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Safe on Tenkaichi Street

For the third safe key in Kamurocho, head down to Tenkaichi Street to Lullaby Mahjong. The safe key can be found just inside the building itself, on the very first set of stairs. For opening the safe at the back of Lullaby Mahjong, you’ll get Steel Underwear, which increases Kiryu’s attack, Heat Gauge, and defense.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Safe on Nakamichi Alley

Next head east and slightly north to Nakamichi Alley, and you’ll see an empty shop on the left of an alleyway where the safe itself is located. Head inside the empty shop, and you can find the safe key on the floor behind two boxes on the back left of the shop. For unlocking this safe you’ll bag yourself some High-Tech Insoles, great for increasing your stamina and evasion.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Safe on Senryo Avenue

Finally, you can find the last Yakuza 6 safe key location on Senryo Avenue, which runs down the eastern side of Kamurocho. Find the building that houses the Nyan Nyan Cat Cafe and Modern Mahjong, and the safe key can be found just inside the entrance to the building, on the floor before the stairs.

For unlocking this fifth and final safe in Kamurocho, you’ll get some Rusted Chainmail, which is great for both increasing general defense, as well as Kiryu’s resistance to both blade and gun attacks.

We might be all wrapped up with this complete Yakuza 6 guide to obtaining every Kamurocho safe key, but why not continue ahead to our full Yakuza 6 Stats and Skills guide, where we break down the best skills you can spend your EXP on. We've also got a guide to the Yakuza 6 Onomichi Safe Key Locations and all the cat cafe locations in Yakuza 6. You might also want to check out our Yakuza 6 Clan Codes for the Clan Creator Mini-Game.

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