Yakuza 6 Onomichi Safe Locations and Key Locations - How to Find Every Safe and Key in Onomichi

Yakuza 6 Onomichi Safe Locations and Key Locations - How to Find Every Safe and Key in Onomichi

This Yakuza 6 guide will help you reach the end of Kiryu’s journey, but there’s a whole lot to do in his final outing, like taking selfies, mastering combat techniques, and increasing stats with EXP. We've also got safe and key locations, plus how to find all the cats and the Clan Codes for Clan Creator.

Finding Safe Keys out in the world of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is no easy feat, even the smaller confides of Onomichi. In this Yakuza 6 Onomichi Safe Locations and Key Locations guide, we’ll be walking you through how to uncover the location of every safe key around the map, as well as revealing all the rewards you can bag by unlocking each safe.

If you instead need anything else to do with Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, including how to get to grips with the combat controls of the game, or how to fully master the art of taking a selfie with the Dragon of Dojima, head over to our Yakuza 6 guides hub.

Yakuza 6 Onomichi Safe Locations and Key Locations

Onomichi is a fair bit smaller than the city setting of Kamurocho, but it’s still a challenge to find every Safe Key scattered around the main portion of the map, of which there are five in total. Just below, we’ve outlined the location of every Safe Key in Onomichi, identifying each key by the street on which it’s found.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Jingai Ferry Dock

For the first Safe Key in Onomichi, simply head to the very end of the ferry pier to claim the key on the right. The corresponding safe lies on the main road just north, and contains Fearless Binding, which gives Kiryu boosts to defense and blade resistance.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Central Shopping District

The next Safe Key can be found by going on the arcade roof, using the ladder at the beginning of Shops Alley. The safe for this key is under Moreno on Jingai Main Street, and contains a Stamina Belt which gives you a boost for evasion, defense, and stamina.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Hana-No-Kubo

For this Safe Key, go to the vending machines just next to Otafuku Prawn on the west, and climb up the ladder. Turn right, and you’ll find the Safe Key on the shelf. Now head back down the ladder and shimmy through the narrow gap to reach the safe just ahead of you, where you’ll find Bloody Fundoshi, which granted Kiryu bonuses for attack and Heat Gauge.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Pedestrian Bridge

For the fourth Safe Key in Onomichi, you can find the key on the ground at the south end of the Pedestrian Bridge. Then take the ramp down to the road on your left, and you’ll find the safe just a short walk away in a parking bay, which contains the Romance Amulet. This unique items gives Kiryu bonuses to his Heat Gauge, and his affection rate for hostesses in cabaret clubs.

Yakuza 6 Safe Key Location for Second Hill

Finally, the last Safe Key in Onomichi is found on a small stone stairway leading off to the right of Second Hill, inside a mailbox. Once you’ve found the Safe Key, head south to unlock the safe in the garage area, which will grant you Bloody Binding. However strange this object is, it grants you a huge attack bonus, as well as a nice boost to your Heat Gauge.

This might be the end of our complete Onomichi Safe Keys guide for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, but continue ahead to our Yakuza 6 Kamurocho Safe Keys guide, where we’ll be revealing how to unlock all five safes in the city. We've also got a guide to all the cat cafe locations in Yakuza 6. You might also want to check out our Yakuza 6 Clan Codes for the Clan Creator Mini-Game.

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