Pokemon Quest Moves and Move Learning: How to Teach Pokemon New Moves

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Pokemon Quest is now available to download on Nintendo Switch as a free-to-start title. The game was announced and then released shortly after a press conference held by Nintendo on May 29. It’s a completely different beast to other games in the series, and features a whole new combat system. In this Pokemon Quest Move Learning guide, we’ll teach you how to make the most of your pokemon by teaching them new moves. This involves using the Pokemon Quest Move Learning Training feature. Here’s how to teach pokemon new moves in Pokemon Quest.

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How to Swap and Learn New Moves in Pokemon Quest

Pokemon are equipped with two moves that they can use in battle. These vary from offensive short and long-ranged attacks, to more defensive moves, which can be powered up with Move Stones. Swapping moves in Pokemon Quest can be a little confusing,that's why we’ve gathered together all of the details on how to teach pokemon new moves in Pokemon Quest.

Pokemon Quest Move Learning Training Explained

To swap or learn moves in Pokemon Quest, you have to use the Pokemon Quest Move Learning Training feature. This game be located in the “Edit Team” menu, just select the pokemon you want to teach moves to, and head to the training section. There are two option for pokemon training. For now, ignore the Level-Up Training and switch the tab over to Move Learning.

From here, there'll be two possible moves that your pokemon can learn, along with a percentage success rate. You’ll need to add in four supporting pokemon to increase the percentage success rate. You’re going to want to prioritize supporting pokemon which are the same type as the one you are training, as this will lead to a larger percentage increase. You can select the move you want to replace and then click “start training”. You will gain a new move depending on which pokemon you put in and the level and evolution state of the pokemon you are training. It doesn’t seem possible to select a particular move to learn, so it’s mostly down to luck.

You can change the properties of your existing move using Move Stones, so consider altering the moves you have before swapping them out. That's all you need to know about how to teach new moves to Pokemon in Pokemon Quest.

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