Pokemon GO 2nd Anniversary 2018 - Summer Pikachu, Pichu, Schedule, Avatar Items, Pikachu Ears, T-Shirt, Celebi Special Research

Pokemon GO 2nd Anniversary 2018 - Summer Pikachu, Pichu, Schedule, Avatar Items, Pikachu Ears, T-Shirt, Celebi Special Research

Niantic is celebrating two years of Pokemon GO by giving trainers the chance to bag exclusive rewards. Here’s all the info you need to know.

As part of its 2nd year anniversary celebrations, Pokemon GO will see a bunch of new content arrive to the game.Let's be honest, the coolest bonus is clearly Summer Pikachu, though there's plenty more to be excited about as well. In this Pokemon GO 2nd Anniversary Guide, we've got all the details on Summer Hat Pikachu, the special Celbi quest, and all of the other goodies you can bag in the month of July.

Fore more on Pokemon Go, we’ve got a whole Pokemon GO Guides Hub for you. It’s filled with useful info and tips, like what the best pokemon in Pokemon GO is, a look at how Gifts work, and more.

Pokemon GO 2nd Anniversary 2018

Niantic is offering up a handful of new rewards and bonuses in celebration of Pokemon GO’s two-year anniversary. In the following guide, we’ll breakdown what’s up for grabs, and how to get it.

Pokemon GO 2nd anniversary - Summer Pikachu

Starting July , and running all the way through until July 31, Pikachu will start appearing more frequently in the wild. When you find a Pikachu, there’s a small chance that it will be a Summer-Style Pikachu. Summer Pikachu is just like regular Pikachu, but with a Straw Hat and Sunglasses. It will appear randomly throughout the month, so just get out there, drop some Lures and get catching to increase your odds.

Pokemon GO 2nd Anniversary 2018 - Pichu and Pikachu

We mentioned previously that Pikachu will be more common throughout the Anniversary event happening this month, well another pokemon will also be popping up more regularly. You’ll be able to find more Pichu while out exploring, meaning you’ll have better chances at catching it.

Pokemon GO Celebi Special Research

In the same blog post that announced Summer Pikachu and the 2nd anniversary content, Niantic also revealed that Celebi will be coming to Pokemon GO. We don’t have much to go on right now, but we do know that Celebi will arrive “in the near-future”. There are rumors that the mythical pokemon could be released in conjunction with Pokemon GO Fest. You can read more details over at our Pokemon GO Fest Guide.

Pokemon GO Anniversary 2018 - Pikachu Ears, Avatar Items, T-Shirt, Pikachu Gold Fan Medal

On top of the headline reveal of Summer Pikachu and Celebi, there’s also some new items for trainers to get their hands on. First up is a set of Pikachu ears, which will be available to those with a Pikachu Gold Fan Medal. This is awarded to those who have caught 300 Pikachu. Some items will be available for those who haven’t caught 300 Pikachu yet though, with a T-Shirt and other Avatar items available to purchase in the store.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon GO 2nd Anniversary 2018 content. Stay tuned for more details on when Celebi will arrive in the future. In the meantime, head over to our Pokemon GO Eevee Guide to learn how to evolve Eevee in Pokemon GO. You should also check out our Pokemon GO Shiny Pokemon Guide, which will teach you everything we know about Shiny Pokemon.

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