Dark Souls Remastered Switch Guide - Tips, Tricks, Controls, Character Creator

Dark Souls Remastered Switch Guide - Tips, Tricks, Controls, Character Creator

Here's everything you need to master Dark Souls Remastered, including tips, controls, how to parry, how to save, as well as full boss guides, now with the Nintendo Switch version.

The Dark Souls Remastered Switch version is finally out as of mid October, and you can play the From Software classic on the go. In this Dark Souls Remastered guide, we'll be walking you through everything you need to know about the game, whether it's your first time playing the gruelling game, or if you're already a veteran, picking it up on the Switch for the first time.

Dark Souls Remastered Guide

Just below, you can find our complete list of in depth Dark Souls guides, featuring details on how to beat tricky bosses in the game including the Bell Gargoyles, and how to get your hands on some of the best weapons found in the darkest corners of Anor Londo.

Dark Souls Remastered Beginner’s Guide

To start with, it’s paramount that you know every single control and combo move for Dark Souls, if you’re going to completely conquer the game and uncover every secret area and defeat every boss. You can see a complete rundown of the Dark Souls controls just PC just below:

  • Move forward - W
  • Move right - D
  • Move back - S
  • Move left - A
  • Light attack - H
  • Heavy attack - U
  • Dodge - Space
  • Block - Shift
  • Parry - Tab
  • Use item - E
  • Cycle items - V/C/F/R
  • Inventory - END
  • Emote - Hold Q

Now for the PS4 and Xbox One controls respectively for Dark Souls Remastered:

  • Move forward - W
  • Move right - Left analog stick
  • Move back - Left analog stick
  • Move left - Left analog stick
  • Light attack - Right bumper
  • Heavy attack - Right trigger
  • Dodge - B/Circle
  • Block - Left bumper
  • Parry - Left trigger
  • Use item - X/Square
  • Cycle items - D-pad
  • Inventory - Pause/Options
  • Emote - Select

Dark Souls Remastered Tips

We’ve been through the controls to Dark Souls Remastered so you feel at home no matter what system you’re on, but there are definitely details that the game hides from you. Just below, we’ll give you a complete list of tips and tricks to help you conquer Dark Souls Remastered:

  • The red bar at the top of the HUD is your health, and the green is your stamina meter.
  • If your stamina runs out and you’re not moving, you’ll be rooted to the spot for around three seconds while you recover.
  • Sprinting, dodging, jumping, blocking, and parrying all use up stamina.
  • The counter in the top right is the amount of souls you’ve accrued through slaying enemies.
  • Should you die, you’ll respawn at the last Bonfire, and lose all your souls.
  • To reclaim your souls, you’ll need to make it back to where you fell (without dying), and reclaim the souls waiting there on the ground.
  • Bonfires are checkpoints, and to activate a new Bonfire and gain a new checkpoint, you need to ‘light’ it.

Dark Souls Remastered Character Creator

At the very beginning of Dark Souls Remastered, you're going to be presented with the character creator screen. This is your chance to choose which attributes you want to give a head start to at the beginning of the game, as well as selecting various trinkets and bonuses that will stay with you throughout your journey in Lordran.

Firstly select your class, the options for which you can see just below. As you scroll through the classes, you'll see that the attributes on the left change. Pay close attention to the text underneath each class, for it's here that Dark Souls Remastered will tell you the bonus you're getting, for example a HP bonus with the Warrior class.

The final pivotal choice in the Dark Souls Remastered character creator is to choose what gift you want. While you can choose to venture out into Lordran with no gifts, we'd recommend you take an item like the Goddess' Blessing with you, which grants you a limited amount of bonus items which completely restore your health.

Now you're all set to begin your journey through Dark Souls Remastered! Pick and choose your options carefully, as they're your jumping off point for the treacherous road ahead.

This brings us to the end of our full Dark Souls Remastered beginner’s guide, but make sure to keep an eye on this guides hub. We’ll be updating it with absolutely everything you need to know about the game, including how to reach secret hidden areas and bosses alike as you progress deeper into the world.

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