Madden 19 MUT Team Building Guide - How to Earn MUT Coins Quickly in Madden 19

Here's everything new to Madden 19 MUT this year, including new player upgrade systems, new Ultimate Team Squads features, and more.

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Madden 19 features the currency of MUT Coins, which can only be earned though grinding out single player and online games. In this Madden 19 MUT Coins guide, we'll be detailing all the ways in which you can earn MUT Coins in-game, as well as what you can spend them on.

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How to Improve Your MUT 19 Team

At the very start of your journey in Madden 19 Ultimate Team, you’ll be handed the most basic team possible. This team has an overall rating of 61, although you’ll then be given one player from a team of your choice to insert into the lineup, upgrading it by 1 point overall.

It’s one hell of a grind to upgrade your MUT 19 team to the point where you’ve got solid players at every position. Just below, we’ll outline some simple tips and tricks for how you can go about upgrading your team as quickly as possible.

  • Once you’ve started your Madden 19 Ultimate Team journey, head to the Solo Challenges tab.
  • Now select the Campaign Preseason option, and you’ll be taken to a screen with three options: Practice, Team Building, and Preseason Game.
  • You need to work your way through all these challenges. You’ll be rewarded with new players like Golden Tate as you go, as well as brand new, upgraded offensive line for your team.
  • Doing all these challenges will upgrade your MUT Level, which will reward you with more Ultimate Team coins.
  • Adjust your lineup to insert all your new players, and your overall level should jump up by at least 3 points.
  • Once you reach MUT Level 7, you’ll unlock the Auction House.
  • Hopefully you’ve been saving your Ultimate Team coins along the way, as you can now access the Auction House and purchase players on the cheap.
  • In the Auction House, you want to target the cheapest players possible which would still be an upgrade at their position. Spread the cost around to purchase as many new players for your team as possible.

How to Earn MUT Coins Quickly

Follow the steps listed above, and you'll also net yourself a decent amount of MUT Coins in one go. However if you scroll over to the MUT Store where the packs are listed, you'll find that it's going to take upwards of 7,000 MUT Coins for you to purchase a solid pack from the store. The quickest way we've found so far of earning MUT Coins in Madden 19 Ultimate Team is to undertake all the various Daily Challenges within the main menu. It's here that you'll be rewarded with hundreds of MUT Coins for simply completing a set, or playing a solo game in any difficult against the CPU.

Once you’ve followed all these steps above, you’ll have the beginnings of a solid Madden 19 Ultimate Team. It’s definitely a grind, but you can now turn your attention to the Solo Battles section of Ultimate Team, where you can earn some massive rewards if you obtain a decent score against the CPU team. For a complete list of all the rewards you can earn using this method, head over to our MUT 19 Solo Battles guide.

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