Shadow of the Tomb Raider Kuwaq Yaku Guide - How to Find all Monolith, Documents, Artifacts, and Mural Locations

Here's our full Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide, featuring puzzle walkthroughs, Mural, Document, and Artifact collectible locations, and more.

Kuwaq Yaku might not be one of the biggest areas in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but it can certainly be one of the more challenging in which to find all the collectibles. In this Shadow of the Tomb Raider Kuwaq Yaku guide, we'll be putting together a complete list of the various Kuwaq Yaku collectible locations, so you can track down the various Artifacts, Murals, and more as easily as possible.

But if you instead need help with any other areas of the latest tomb raiding adventure of Lara Croft, you’ll want to head over to our Shadow of the Tomb Raider guides hub. It’s on this page that you can find all the introductory tips and tricks you’ll need for the game, including all the changes that have been made to combat, and new tools you can acquire in the game.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Kuwaq Yaku Collectibles Locations

Just below, you can find the full locations list for all the collectibles within the Kuwaq Yaku area of Shadow of the Tomb Raider. We’ve divided the guide up by the type of collectible, so you can easily track down all the Murals, Artifacts, Documents, and Monoliths.

Kuwaq Yaku Monolith Locations

  • Across the lake from the town there’s a small island, where you can find a Monolith dead in the middle, in a clearing.
  • Just to the northeast of the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp, you’ll find the Monolith atop some stone ruins, in a small clearing.
  • The Monolith for the Mam language can be found in the depths of the temple, after you’ve passed through the dead Trinity soldiers at the excavation site. It can be found immediately on your left, right after Lara has spoken to Abby over the radio.

Kuwaq Yaku Document Locations

  • Company Town - Right next to the base camp in the town, you can find this Document right nearby, on top of a barrel.
  • Family Tree - In the middle of the town, there’s a small shack painted bright green. Within this shack and on the desk inside, you can find this Family Tree Document.
  • Fuel for the Future - Right outside this house on the western side, you can find another Document on a table.
  • Water Quality Report - In the northern area of the town there’s a small house with a sign outside, that reads ‘Jardin Comunitario.’ Inside this house, you can find the Document.

Kuwaq Yaku Artifact Locations

  • Burial Doll Replica - On the western edge of the town, activate your senses and you’ll see a door that can be broken down with your climbing axe. Inside this room, you can find the Artifact within a small box on a desk.
  • Cone Mold - From the main base camp in the village take the bridge on your right, then turn right when the lake is directly in front of you. Now dive off the end of the wooden pathway, and you’ll see a silver box on the floor of the lake, with the Artifact inside.
  • A Haunting - On your way out of town taking the path to the north, you’ll see a small board leading up a slope on your right, to where some people are gathered. Before the citizens, there’s a table on your right, with the Artifact atop it.
  • End Times - After Lara and Jonah explore the small mural within a building, and Lara swims up a river, you’ll make it to a small Trinity outpost, with five crew patrolling there. This Artifact is in the small shack on the left side of the area.
  • Croft Report - Right next to the Docks base camp, you’ll find this Artifact on a small box.
  • Site Scrubbed - Just up the path from the Docks base camp, you’ll find this Artifact on a small box, between a truck and a mud patch.
  • Temple Survey - Pass through a yellow door and rappel down a small hole, and you’ll come to an area with plenty of deceased Trinity soldiers. Just a short way down this path, you’ll find this Artifact on your left, next to a yellow generator.
  • Operation Update - After Lara has escaped from the Piranhas and made her way outside, she’ll see a Trinity soldier get ambushed by an unknown foe. Turn to your right, and you see the Artifact in a small, muddy clearing.
  • Scouring the Globe - Directly north from the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp, and in the next area of the Kuwaq Yaku map, there’s a small clearing with multiple dead Trinity soldiers. In the middle of the bodies, you can find this Artifact.

Kuwaq Yaku Crypt Location

  • Directly west from the main base camp in town, you can find a Crypt on the other side of the small river.

Kuwaq Yaku Mural Locations

  • Wayta, the Tyrant - Within the first Crypt described above, you can uncover the Wayta Mural, in the dark area of the Crypt.
  • Coniraya - This Mural is impossible to miss—it’s on the other side of the wall that the sole Merchant in town has his back to.
  • Pachamama - Head north from the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp, and you’ll find this Mural on the northern side of a small clearing, with two boars roaming the area.
  • Temple of the Moon - Within the Trinity Excavation site, you can find this Mural. It’s in the same area with a small line of fire running straight through the middle of the small cavern.
  • Balams - Right after you’ve done the huge doorway puzzle with the rotating pillars, you’ll find this Mural within the next room immediately after the final door. It’s on your left, and although it looks like a Document, it actually counts as a Mural.
  • Gods of Suicide - Right on the opposite side of the same hall with the Balams Mural in, this Gods of Suicide Mural is located on your right after the doorway puzzle.
  • Birthing the Serpent - Immediately after you acquire the Eagle’s Talon tool, turn to your left, and you can see this Mural in the form of a Document straight ahead of you, in a small shadowy path.
  • Temple of Death - Just northwest of the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp, there’s a small temple where you meet Jonah twice. Right at the back of this temple, up a small flight of stairs, is this Temple of Death Mural.
  • Golden Days - Immediately after the giant central puzzle in the Trial of the Eagle, you’ll find this Mural directly ahead of Lara when she calls to Jonah over the radio.

Kuwaq Yaku Challenge Tomb Location

The Challenge Tomb for the Kuwaq Yaku are can be found northeast of the Kuwaq Yaku Ruins base camp. Pass through a few clearings and continue pushing northeast, and you’ll find the entrance of the Challenge Tomb, adorned with skulls.

The Archivist Map for the Kuwaq Yaku area can be discovered within Crypt number one, as described above. It’s not hard to find in the Crypt itself, and it’s immediately on your left when you first need to turn your flashlight on.

A second Archivist Map can be uncovered in the Kuwaq Yaku area in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The second map can be found in the temple area, with plenty of dead Trinity soldiers littered around.

This is the end of our Shadow of the Tomb Raider guide to the Kuwaq Yaku region of the game. We're not quite finished with our guide to the next chronological area of the game just yet, but for now you can always head back to our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Peruvian Jungle guide, to track down any previous collectibles you might have missed.

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