Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Master Mode Guide, Hard Difficulty Mode

We've compiled a guide to conquering everything The Master Trials DLC Pack has to offer Breath of the Wild players, including how to access Master Mode and The Trial of the Sword.

Guide by Hirun Cryer, Tom Orry, .

Introduced in The Breath of the Wild Master Trials DLC pack, Master Mode amps up the difficulty of Breath of the Wild in a number of ways, including changing enemy types, adds floating platforms with enemies on, and making weapons break quicker than before. Master Mode can be quite the challenge in Breath of the Wild, so much so that Nintendo has moved it to a new save slot in the game. Allow us to give you some pointers to survive this difficult journey through Hyrule in this Breath of the Wild Master Mode Guide.

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Everything New in Breath of the Wild Master Mode DLC

There are several new features contained in the Breath of the Wild Master Mode, aka Hard mode difficulty. We’ll run down all the changes here, all of which arrive in The Master Trials DLC pack.

Enemies like the Hinox are even tougher to beat in Master Mode.
  • Enemies are upgraded in difficulty, for example weaker red Bokoblins now appear as upgraded blue Bokoblins, and so on.
  • All enemies regain health during battle, meaning you’ll have to land hits quickly.
  • Enemies will also spot Link earlier, making stealth harder.
  • There will be “higher ranking enemies that you won’t find in normal difficulty”, according to Nintendo.
  • Floating platforms held up by balloons will appear around Hyrule, with enemies and treasure chests on them.
  • Master Mode will be contained in a separate save file to the normal difficulty mode, meaning you can switch back at any time.

Breath of the Wild Master Mode Tips and Tricks

And now for some tips and tricks to make sure Link makes it through the Master Mode difficulty of Breath of the Wild.

  • Enemies might spot Link easier, but don’t give up on sneaking around enemies and getting the drop on them. They’re tougher now, so you’ll need all the advantages you can get.
  • Always conserve arrows, and perhaps even save them solely for taking out Bokoblin archers on top of platforms, as well as bosses like the iterations of Ganon in the Divine Beasts.
  • Speaking of arrows, it’s not a bad idea to use them to take out any wildlife you see early on in Master Mode. You’ll need all the healing dishes you can get, to keep Link alive.
  • Remember that you can always shoot down floating platforms that enemies are on, by bursting the balloons with arrows.
  • Don’t forget that enemies gradually regain health, and this begins a few seconds after your last attack on them, meaning you’ll have to press the attack if you want to despatch an enemy for good.

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