Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Vah Medoh Dungeon, Terminal Locations

All the Divine Beast dungeons and bosses beaten (Thunderblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon, Windblight Ganon, Waterblight Ganon, Calamity Ganon) , including a guide to the final fight against Ganon. All the tactics you're going to need to complete Breath of the Wild.

Guide by Dave Aubrey, Tom Orry, .

After shooting your way onto Vah Medoh in Breath of the Wild it's time to quell the beast from the inside. Ganon's influence has spread to the four corners of Hyrule, and even in the air this Divine Beast has been corrupted. Wrap up warm as it's cold up here, and follow this guide to find all the terminals inside Vah Medoh. It's a bit tricky to navigate, so pay close attention.

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From the fast travel point, kill the malevolent eye spawn gunk blocking your way and head straight across this room – as you can see, the blocks here which form your pathway are on rails that can be slid across.

Slide the metal blocks with Magnesis to go straight forward and get the map terminal. Now that you have the map terminal, you can make Vah Medoh tilt from side to side from the map screen.

On the side of the main room with the updraft, attempt to climb the ladder which is on the left when facing away from the updraft. To reach it you'll need to tilt Vah Medoh from the map screen and use Stasis to freeze a block in place and make a safe path.

From the top next to the chest, jump into the next room on the right. Shoot the malevolent goo-eye on right to clear up all the gunk, and reveal a terminal. Go to the top of the ramp you entered this room from, then tilt Vah Medoh from the map screen so this wing is sloping down. From here you can paraglide to reach the terminal.

To open the gate in this room, you'll find a small hole in the wall next to the gate to roll a bomb into. Use it to destroy the boulders in the next room. Now hit the crystal near the hole to open the shutters and create some wind. Then roll another bomb to release a metal ball.

Tilt Vah Medoh so the ball rolls out of its enclosure, then use Magnesis through the wall to put the metal ball onto the same track your bombs were rolling down. Now tilt Vah Medoh back the other way – the metal ball will push down a switch opening the gate, and allowing you to access a terminal on your left. Tilt Vah Medoh to a neutral position and then head to the centre room.

Jump down to the floor here – below the blocks on rails. Remember to shoot any orange eyes you see to clear your path. Tilt Vah Medoh's right wing down and head through the door on the right side of this room. There's a glowing orange eye up ahead stuck to the underside of Vah Medoh's wing – shoot it. Remember to calculate for arrow drop.

From here you should be able to paraglide down into the room the gunk was blocking. Head up the ramp inside for the next terminal. The gate next to the terminal will now open. Shoot the orange eyes, then hit the crystal to open the shutters.

There are two fans in this room: one stationary, one attached to a metal block on rails. To trigger the switch and access the next terminal, both fans must remain in the flow of wind coming through the open shutter, though the fan on the metal block will slide while Vah Medoh is tilted in either direction.

Tilt Vah Medoh to a neutral position, get the fan in the right place, and then tilt Vah Medoh so the massive block used to push the switch will start sliding into place. Hold the metal block with either Stasis or Magnesis so you can access the terminal behind the gate.

Go back to the centre room and down onto the lower floor again, but this time tilt Vah Medoh's left wing down. There's a terminal in the tip, just like in the right wing, and you can paraglide down at this angle, just like before.

Activate the final terminal, then tilt Vah Medoh back the other way so you can safely paraglide back. Use the updraft that'll be on your right to get on top of Vah Medoh. The main terminal is right on top of Vah Medoh, in the middle – now you're here, it's time to take on Windblight Ganon!

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Windblight Ganon is tough, but you're more than prepared now. Time to bring peace back to the Rito.

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