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All the info you need to understand key game systems such as horses, dyes, outfits, cooking, and more. Plus how to find items like the Master Sword and Epona.

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Buying items in Breath of the Wild generally requires rupees (although not always). Annoyingly rupees are hard to come by, especially in the early stages of the game. We've put together a handy Breath of the Wild guide on how to earn rupees quickly, to spend in the game's various stores. Rupees are very important so it's worth farming early on to avoid taking time out to do it later. If you're regularly finding yourself short on money, this rupee guide will help you overcome those issues.

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Rupee Types and Values in Breath of the Wild

While you have an overall amount of rupees stored, certain types of rupee you pick up are more valuable than others.

  • Green Rupee - 1 rupee
  • Blue Rupee - 5 rupees
  • Red Rupee - 20 rupees
  • Purple Rupee - 50 rupees
  • Gold Rupee - 300 rupees

High Value Rupee Items

  • The Stone Talus - Kill this sub-boss to be awarded with a lovely item drop, complete with numerous high value items. The boss can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing so follow our article on how to defeat the Stone Talus.
  • Climber's Bandana - Hidden inside the secret chest in the Ree Dahee Shrine is a Climber's Bandana. This item is useful early on in the game as it improves Link's climbing ability, but should you choose to sell it it'll fetch 600 rupees.
  • Chest in Ka'O Makagh Shrine - Located in the south of the map, in the back of the Trial room is a block that can be removed by using Magnesis. This reveals a chest that is home to a gold rupee, worth 300 rupees.
  • Ancient materials - Hyrule is full of Ancient Materials if you know where you look for them. Search any of the fallen Guardians and you’ll come away with a bunch of Ancient Material items which you can sell. Fallen Guardians are found around Hateno Fort, east of Duelling Peaks Stable. You can also get Ancient Materials by killing Guardians, but there are plenty to ransack if you’re not up to the task.
    • Ancient Screw - 12 Rupees
    • Ancient Spring - 15 Rupees
    • Ancient Gear - 30 Rupees
    • Ancient Shaft - 40 Rupees
    • Ancient Core - 80 Rupees
    • Giant Ancient Core - 200 Rupees

General Tips to Amass Rupees in Breath of the Wild

Get lots of these and you'll be minted!
  • Cook food items before selling them - You can sell food items you acquire but in their basic form they aren't as valuable as when cooked. In order to maximise your rupee intake make sure you always cook any unwanted food items. Head to our Cooking and Best Recipes guide for more information.
  • Mine ore - Pretty self explanatory, but the black ore deposits scattered around the land can be mined for valuable items. Make sure you've got a mining weapon or else you'll burn through swords very quickly. Other mined items can be very valuable too:
    • Flint - 5 Rupees
    • Amber - 30 Rupees
    • Opal - 60 Rupees
    • Luminous Stone - 70 Rupees
    • Topaz - 180 Rupees
    • Ruby - 210 Rupees
    • Sapphire - 260 Rupees
    • Diamond - 500 Rupees
  • Pick up everything and sell all unwanted items to traders - This might be common sense, but it's always worth picking up as many items as you can. These can either be found lying around or dropped when you defeat enemies. Pick it all up and then sell to a trader as soon as possible for extra rupees.

As an example of how much certain things cost in Breath of the Wild, the complete Sheik outfit, found in Kakariko Village's clothing store, will set you back a 1800 rupees. Other tasks, such as registering a horse at a stable, are far less expensive. Something that doesn't cost a thing is killing a Guardian, providing you know how.

If you'd rather have a moving pictures demonstration on how to earn Rupees quicklyk, we've got that for you below.

With this overview of how to quickly get rupees you should be able to build up a nice amount in Link's virtual piggy bank. Now head onwards in your adventure and don't spend it all frivolously. OK, so we'll allow the odd vanity purchase, just don't make it a regular thing!

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