Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find Impa, Locate Kakariko Village, Climb Duelling Peaks Tower

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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When you speak to the Old Man, revealed to be the King of Hyrule, on the top of the Temple of Time he'll give you a quest to find Impa. This is the first time you'll leave the relative safety of the Great Plateau as she's found some distance away in Kakariko Village. On the way you'll also climb Duelling Peaks Tower.

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Head to the east of the Great Plateau, sneaking past the Guardians surrounding the Ja Baij Shrine. From the edge of the cliff, jump and activate your paraglider to access the new area. You'll need to head to the glowing marker on your Sheikah Slate, with the village found in the north east corner of the new zone - you won't see any detail on the map yet as you haven't downloaded the map data from a tower.

Find and Climb Duelling Peaks Tower to Draw in the Map

Move east towards the quest marker glowing on your Sheikah Slate, being careful not to be ambushed by enemies. Cross the bridge and then head towards the orange tower. While this tower isn't your objective, climbing it will fill in map data on your Sheikah Slate.

Climb this to unlock map data for the area

Make your way down to where the river narrows unless you have upgraded your stamina and can make the journey across the flowing river. Cross at a point beyond the tower, then make your way back while being careful to avoid projectile attacks from enemies hiding in the river.

Climbing the tower is easy but you'll have to take breaks at each platform in order to reach the top or else your stamina will run out and Link will fall. Once at the summit the map for the area is filled in and your Sheikah Slate is upgraded to sense nearby shrines you're yet to visit. While atop the tower it's worth using your scope to mark the two visible shrines onto your map.

Head to Kakariko Village to Find Impa

From here it's quite a trek to Impa in Kakariko Village. Make your way carefully along the western edge of Mable Ridge overlooking Nabi Lake. Be sure you climb where necessary, picking the shortest cliff faces to ensure you don't run out of stamina. Look for small flat areas where Link can rest and recover.

Once back on firm footing having scaled the cliff face progress becomes a lot simpler. Take on any enemies you encounter here (some will be on horseback) and claim a horse if you want one. Then make your way down the path that leads to Kakariko Village.

It's worth noting that there is a simpler route to Kakariko Village. From the Duelling Peaks Tower you can follow the Squabble River east before taking a path north. It's not quite as direct but less perilous. This route will take you past Duelling Peaks Stable, an ideal place to find and tame a horse.

Impa's home is being guarded, but as soon as they see that you're carrying a Sheikah Slate they let you pass. On entering the house Impa says she must pass on some words Princess Zelda trusted her to tell Link should he awake. There is, however, a catch: Link must be prepared to risk his life. Agree to this and Impa will fill in your lost memory. She tells of what happened 10,000 years ago and says that Princess Zelda wants Link to free the four Divine Beasts - four creatures created to defeat Ganon, each piloted by a champion.

Impa then instructs you to head to the research lab in Hateno village, where someone will be able to fix Link's Sheikah Slate. The device is currently missing components and the director at the ancient tech lab will be able to repair it. The Seek out Impa quest is now complete.

From here you could embark on the Locked Momentos Quest and upgrade your Sheikah Slate to include a camera, or tackle the Ha Dahamar Shrine or Ree Dahee Shrine. There are loads of other things worth looking at too, including how to kill Guardians and how to get rupees quickly.

You might fancy wandering around Kakariko Village and taking in the sights. The area is full of useful shops. If you want to buy anything and don't have any rupees (they are hard to come by early on in the game) you can sell unwanted items to resellers. Rupees can be used to buy some cool stuff, including new outfits and food items.

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