Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find the Owa Daim Shrine and Beat the Stasis Trial

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

Guide by Tom Orry, Hirun Cryer, .

The Owa Daim Shrine is found in the south of the Great Plateau, on the edge of Mount Hylia. It's home to the Stasis Trial. It's located in a cold region so you'll ideally want to have acquired the Warm Doublet from the Old Man. This isn't essential but makes life a lot easier than making sure you're always near a flame or have cold resistance.

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Head here to find the Owa Daim Shrine

If you're coming directly from from the Keh Namut Shrine you can stay up in the mountains and follow as direct a path as possible. Climb on rock surfaces to avoid slipping and then climb down the cliff face once you can see the Shrine. It's a long way down but you'll have enough stamina to comfortably make it. If you're coming from elsewhere in the Great Plateau you'll need to enter the cold area east of the Temple of Time, then use Cryonis to build a path across the first broken bridge.

How to Solve the Stasis Trial

On entering the Stasis Trial room walk over to the terminal to acquire the Stasis rune ability. This allows you to stop the flow of time for an object, plus store that object's kinetic energy until the flow of time is resumed. Essentially that means you can hit something and when time resumes it'll go flying off in the direction you were targeting.

Use Stasis to target the large cog spinning the bridge. Stop time when the bridge is level, allowing you to walk over - don't dally too much as there's a countdown for time to return to normal. Next up is a ramp with a giant boulder running down it. Wait until the boulder has reached the bottom then freeze it, allowing you to run up the ramp to safety.

At this point you can continue up the ramp to a treasure chest by repeating the same process as before.

Head up here to find the secret chest

Either head back down the ramp or simply follow the path round until you reach a still boulder. Freeze the stationary boulder and then repeatedly hit it. When time returns to normal the boulder will roll forwards off the platform, allowing you to progress.

You've completed the Stasis Trial and you'll be reward with Spirit Orb. If you've completed the Shrines in the order laid out here, it's time to return to the Great Plateau and find the Old Man to receive the paraglider. Otherwise head to the Ja Baij Shrine or the Keh Namut Shrine. It's definitely worth taking some time to get some rupees as quickly as possible and learn how to kill Guardians.

Well done for completing this trial, but you're still very early on in what is a massive adventure. The trials ahead are much more challenging and will test your ability to use the rune abilities and your combat skills. Don't get over confident!

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