Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Find the Ta’Loh Naeg Shrine and Beat the Ta’Loh Naeg’s Teaching Trial

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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If you have been looking for a way to fast travel to Kakariko Village, the Ta'Loh Naeg Shrine is your solution. The shrine is located off a side track on the path leading east out of the village. Once you've found the route up the mountain the shrine is very easy to find. The Trial here will test you combat skills and help you learn anything you're yet to discover. This fight is child's play compared to what comes later.

Head here to do some fight training

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Ta'Loh Naeg's Teaching Trial

This trial is essentially a glorified combat tutorial, pitting Link against a three-legged mechanical enemy that will test your various skills. Before you start fighting you'll want to pick up the Eightfold Blade and Shield of the Mind's Eye in the chests found at the front of the room.

This triped doesn't put up much of a challenge

Your first task is to use side hop to avoid enemy attacks, using the opening to strike back at the triped. If you time the side hop directly you'll be able to hammer the Y button to perform a flurry of attacks. Next comes backflip training, then parrying with your shield, and finally charge attacks. Successfully complete each task and the training enemy will be defeated, leaving behind a 20 Damage-rated Guardian Sword.

Finish the Trial to get a cool sword

Head into the final area of the room and open the chest to find an Opal. Now walk up the stairs to compete the trial. That wasn't all that challenging but you probably now understand dodging a little more.

Depending on what quests you've completed up to this point, you might want to unlock the camera and take some pictures. If you've already done that you're probably in the middle of the Captured Memories quest. There are also the Ha Dahamar Shrine and Ree Dahee Shrine to attempt. Become deadly by taking a look at our how to kill Guardians guide, get rich with our tips on how to get lots of rupees, and manage your hearts and stamina with this respec guide.

The area of Kakariko Village is also home to numerous shops, selling cool items of clothing, food stuffs, arrows, and more. There's also a cooking pot outside the food store, making it an ideal place to prepare some food before you head off.

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