Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Get the Camera, Upgrade Your Sheikah Slate by Completing the Locked Momentos Quest

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The Locked Mementos quest is handed to you by Impa in Kakariko Village. A path just south of Kakariko Bridge can be taken to head east towards Hateno Village. The Village is home to a research lab, from which the director will repair and add new functionality to your Sheikah Slate. While vague in terms of detail when the quest is handed out, this new functionality includes a camera mode, an album, and a compendium of things (once pictures have been taken of them). Having a camera to take pictures is really cool, so get this quest finished as soon as possible.

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The Long Journey to Hateno Village

Take the path to the east where the road splits (marked on the map below) and follow it until you reach Fort Hateno. As long as you're on horseback there shouldn't be much trouble on the way, with enemies easy enough to ride past. Be careful with your horse's stamina as running out can leave you open to attack.

Follow the path east where the road forks

Continue along the path, once again being careful not to get ambushed by enemies, until you reach a fork in the road. The left path heads towards Hateno Village while the right path leads to the Equestrian Riding Course.

You've then got another long ride ahead of you, and there are plenty of enemies hiding behind rocks waiting to jump out and make your day considerably worse. Just keep going along the main path and once inside the village itself head up and around until you can see the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab high up on a cliff top.

Lighting the Ancient Lab Furnace With the Blue Fire

Enter the lab and talk to the young girl. Her name is Purah and she'll tell you that the director is in the back. This is Symin. He'll show an interest in your Sheikah Slate and request to see the runes on it. He notes that the Slate is missing the basic runes, but he doesn't seem like the person in charge. After a brief chat he'll get the attention of the Director. The director is in fact Purah after all! Twist!

You'll have a conversation with Purah, in which she loosely explains why she looks like a child, and then she'll move on to discussing restoring basic functions to your Sheikah Slate. As is generally the way, she'll repair it but first you have to do something for her: bring the blue flame from the ancient furnace in town and use it to the light the furnace in the lab.

Use torches and lanterns to get the flame to the ancient tech lab

This is a pretty simple task once you find the blue furnace. Use a torch to carry the blue fire from lamp to lamp, meaning that you don't have to worry about rain putting the flame out and forcing you to start from the beginning. It's likely your torch of choice will break while on the journey so just keep a look out for small bushes that produce branches when struck. The lamps will more or less guide you on the path to take.

Unlock the Camera and Take Link Selfies

Once back outside the ancient tech lab, light the furnace with your torch and a travel gate will be activated. Head into the lab and talk to Purah to begin the Sheikah Slate repair. The repair job will add a Camera, Hyrule Compendium, and an Album. Now you can capture all your favourite Link and character moments.

Purah adds some cool functionality to your Sheikah Slate

Purah will ask you to take a photo of her and then explains the old landscape photos stored in the album. They are photos taken by Princess Zelda, captured many years ago and most likely with Link at her side. Purah suggests these photos could help retrieve lost memories.

Level up your Sheikah Slate Using Ancient Items

Finally Purah asks you to bring ancient items to her in Hateno Village or to Robbie at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Find good items and you'll be rewarded.

  • Three ancient screws are needed to power up the Sheikah Sensor. This will enable you to detect the objects you take pictures of with your camera.
  • Three ancient shafts are needed to power up Remote Bombs. This will increase the power of your bombs and decrease the reload time.
  • Three ancient cores are needed to power up Stasis. This allows you to freeze monsters as well as objects.

Now you just need to head back to Kakariko Village in order to speak to Impa and complete the quest. She will confirm that the camera is the one Zelda used 100 years ago. If Link visits the locations in the photos some of his lost memories will be restored. She then sets you the Captured Memories Quest.

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You could take a moment to mess about with your new camera. Take some snaps of the surrounding area and take a few selfies (Zelfies? That's going to take off, right? Share it on social media now with all your pictures: #zelfie). Sadly Link doesn’t hold the Sheikah Slate up as is traditional with a selfie, but we’re going with the term anyway.

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