Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Eventide Island - How to Complete Korgu Chideh Shrine, Solve Stranded on Eventide Island Quest

A walkthrough and guide for each area, quest, and shrine in Nintendo’s highly rated Switch and Wii U adventure. Plus some advice to help you get through the game's more challenging moments.

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Eventide Island might just be one of the most challenging locations in the whole of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Stripped down to nothing but his shorts, Link must conquer Eventide Island using anything he can scrounge together, all while trying to find three orbs and place them on three altars. Your reward for completing Eventide Island comes in the form of unlocking the Korgu Chideh Shrine, and absorbing the Spirit Orb within. This Breath of the Wild Eventide Island guide will walk you through exactly how to find all three metal orbs, and where to find the three altars that they fit into.

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How to Solve Eventide Island, Beat the Korgu Chideh Shrine Quest in Breath of the Wild

First, a few tips and tricks to help you on Eventide Island:

  • Try to avoid combat where you can, sneaking around enemies, or taking them out one on one, and not in larger groups.
  • If you do have to fight, try using your Bomb rune to take out enemies, or the Magnesis rune to hit them with metallic boxes lying around Eventide Island.
  • Remember that you can’t save during Eventide Island, and if you exit Breath of the Wild and return later, Link will be placed back at the start of Eventide Island, with all progress erased.

How to Find the First Orb and Altar on Eventide Island

  • Head to the east coast of Eventide Island, and look for platforms around a tree with red and blue Bokoblins.
  • Steal the orb that the Bokoblins are guarding, and head northwest to the tip of Eventide Island, where you’ll find an altar on a rock in the sea.
  • Throw the orb into the water surrounding the pedestal, and use the Cryonis rune under the orb to lift it up.
  • Jump onto the Cryonis platform, pick up the orb, and throw it onto the pedestal. One down, two to go.

How to Find the Second Orb and Altar on Eventide Island

  • Head to the southeastern corner of Eventide Island near Koholit Rock, and climb up the cliff, to find yourself at an enemy camp.
  • Kill the Moblin and all the Bokoblins there, using the Magnesis rune to hit them with the metal boxes around the camp.
  • Use the Stasis rune on the slab covering the altar, then hit it repeatedly with a weapon to launch it away from the altar.
  • Climb the ladder to a nearby platform and retrieve the orb, placing it in the groove of the second altar.

How to Find the Third Orb and Altar on Eventide Island

  • Find a high hill near Eventide Island’s southwest side, and look down to see a Hinox asleep, with an orb around its neck.
  • Paraglide down and land on the Hinox, picking up the orb and throwing it off, then moving slowly off the Hinox so not to wake it.
  • Carry the orb round the base of the hill where the Hinox is sleeping to come to a path that wraps around the cliff.
  • Follow the path to come to the third altar near the top of the cliff, and clear out all the enemies waiting there.
  • Clear out the rubbish over the altar with the Magnesis rune, then drop the ball into the groove to complete this section of Eventide Island.

Congrats! You’ve made it through one of the hardest sections of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and all you have to do is make it to the highest point on the island to retrieve your reward, which is right near Koholit Rock.

Head into the Korgu Chideh Shrine, open the chest to get 300 Rupees, and then claim your Spirit Orb from the Shrine. All done!

If you need some extra help navigating Eventide Island and making it to the Korgu Chideh Shrine, see the video below for a complete walkthrough:

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