Zelda: Breath of the Wild Captured Memories Locations - How to get Every Recovered Memory

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Although the Captured Memories quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is entirely optional, it will effectively fill in the missing gaps in Link's memory, providing him with information on exactly what happened before Calamity Ganon struck 100 years ago. This Zelda: Breath of the Wild Captured Memories Location guide will tell you exactly where each Recovered Memory can be found.

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The Captured Memories quest is available to begin as soon as Link leaves the Great Plateau region, and can be started by completing the Seek Out Impa quest, which in itself can be completed by simply journeying to Kakariko Village, just to the west of the Central Hyrule region.

Once Link has found Impa, he will be given a picture album that once belonged to Princess Zelda, and is tasked with finding the locations of every photo in the album, in an attempt to recover his memories. This is where the Captured Memories quest begins.

Captured Memories Locations - Zelda Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 1 - Subdued Ceremony

Beginning at the first picture in the top left hand corner of the photo album given to Link by Impa, the Subdued Ceremony memory can be obtained by heading to the Central Hyrule area of the map, directly south of Hyrule Castle.

You'll want to be cautious when heading here, as the surrounding landscape is heavily patrolled by mobile Guardians, all of which will pursue Link endlessly at first sight. As such, either come prepared for a fight with a Guardian Shield to reflect their beams, or sneak around them from the south. Alternatively, if you've discovered the tower in the Hyrule Field section of the map, it might be a smart idea to paraglide in from there, as this will take Link over the majority of the patrolling Guardians.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 2 - Revali's Flap

This memory can only be obtained by recapturing Divine Beast Vah Medoh from the clutches of Calamity Ganon. This is the first of four memories that can each be obtained from recapturing a Divine Beast, but should you need any help, consult our guide on infiltrating Divine Beast Vah Medoh and defeating Windblight Ganon.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 3 - Resolve and Grief

The third memory location isn't too far away from the first, or the Great Plateau starting area of the game. Situated just north of the Great Plateau tower, the Resolve and Grief memory can be found immediately to the left of Lake Kolomo.

Simply paraglide north from the Great Plateau tower until you hit Lake Kolomo, the first body of water that you come to. From there, head to the western bank of the river, and find a mound of earth jutting out of the ground. The Resolve and Grief memory location is directly behind this mound.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 4 - Daruk's Mettle

The second memory on the list that can be only be obtained through defeating a Divine Beast, the 'Daruk's Mettle' memory will be unlocked after Link frees Divine Beast Vah Rudania from the grasp of Calamity Ganon. For help on how to begin this quest, as well as how to unlock every terminal within the Divine Beast, head to our guide on recapturing Divine Beast Vah Rudania.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 5 - Zelda's Resentment

This fifth memory in the list can be found in the southern area of the Tabantha Frontier, directly south of Tabantha tower on a cliff named the Ancient Columns. Glide south from Tabantha tower to Piper Ridge, and then south again from here to the Ancient Columns.

If Link's Shieka Sensor begins to pick up a shrine, then you're heading in the right direction, for the location of the Zelda's Resentment memory can be found just in front of the Tena Ko'sah shrine. Don't forget to activate the shrine once you've made it there!

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 6 - Urbosa's Hand

The Urbosa's Hand memory can be obtained through recapturing Divine Beast Vah Naboris, the quest for which can be started by journeying to Gerudo Town, situated in the Gerudo region in the south west of Hyrule. For any help on completing the Yiga Hideout section of the quest, or for help on taking down Divine Beast Vah Naboris itself, head over to our guide on the Divine Beast in the desert.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 7 - Blades of the Yiga

This memory can obtained through simply journeying to the Kara Kara Bazaar area in the Gerudo Desert, which Link will have most likely already happened upon if the player has made to it Gerudo Town already in the game.

But if not, then you can easily get to the Bazaar by either paragliding west from the Wasteland tower, or by simply following the road west from the Gerudo Canyon Stable, which itself can be found on the eastern outskirts of the Gerudo region.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 8 - A Premonition

This memory, situated in the south west corner of the Death Mountain area of Hyrule, can be fairly difficult to get to. Firstly, you'll want to obtain either Flamebreaker Armour from Goron City, which is just west of Death Mountain, or come prepared with a few Fireproof Elixirs, which can be obtained from an NPC at the Woodland Stable, south of the Death Mountain area.

Once you've obtained these items, travel to the tower in the Eldin region and paraglide directly west, going right over a shrine that your Sheika Sensor should pick up. Continue to journey west through the region, and you should come to the edge of a cliff, looking down on the Woodland tower. The Premonition memory can be found right on top of this cliff, directly east of the Woodland tower and directly west of the Eldin tower.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 9 - Silent Princess

The Silent Princess memory can be found north west of Hyrule Castle, in between two small bodies of water and immediately next to a large tree. To get to the memory location, travel to the Ridgeland tower and paraglide north east from here, until you get to the two bodies of water (which are the only two in the region).

The memory location itself can then be found on top of a ridge, overlooking the larger body of water, on the side situated closer to Hyrule Castle. The memory can be found along this ridge, with both the larger tree and the castle itself still in sight.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 10 - Mipha's Touch

The fourth and final memory that can be obtained exclusively through defeating a Divine Beast, the Mipha's Touch memory is unlocked once Link has taken back Divine Beast Vah Ruta, which is situated nearby Zora's Domain. For help on starting the quest to recapture the Divine Beast, head over to our guide featuring the full walkthrough for Divine Beast Vah Ruta.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 11 - Shelter From the Storm

The Shelter From the Storm memory can be found east and slightly south of the Great Plateau tower. Simply paraglide east from the tower on the Great Plateau until Link hits the Bosh Kala shrine, and then head south and slightly east, crossing the river on to the opposite bank.

The memory location will be found directly east of Scout's Hill, just next to a particularly large tree from which Link is able to see Proxim Bridge in the background.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 12 - Father and Daughter

This memory is set just outside Princess Zelda's study within Hyrule Castle, which itself is one of the hardest areas in all of Breath of the Wild. Make sure you've obtained the Zora's Armor outfit from defeating Divine Beast Vah Ruta, and the route to this memory will instantly become a whole lot easier.

Firstly, head to the north east side of Hyrule Castle, and use your Zora Armour to swim to the very top of all the waterfalls situated here. Head to the right, around the back of the castle, and past the Turret Guardian situated here, using the wall as a cover from the blasts. After the Guardian, climb up the cliff face, using the rocky outcrops as resting spots, until Link finally makes it to the Sanctum area of Hyrule Castle.

Head right around the main body of the castle, until you see a castle turret beneath you, which stands apart from the main body of Hyrule Castle. Paraglide down on to the walkway before the turret itself, and the memory location can be found right there.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 13 - Slumbering Power

In the far north eastern area of Hyrule lies the Akkala region, and within the Akkala region lies the Spring of Power, where the Slumbering Power memory can be found. Firstly, you'll want to head to the East Akkala Stable, which can be found at the intersection of the two roads in the Akkala region, as well as just south of the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

From the East Akkala Stable head immediately west, in the direction of the only body of water in the area, which will be the Spring of Power. Once you come to the area, paraglide in from above, and the location of the memory can be found just in front of the large statue in the water.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 14 - To Mount Lanayru

This memory, which can be found just west of the tower in Hyrule Field, is found directly in front of the large statue of a horse, which itself is immediately right of the road heading north from Outskirt Stable.

To get to this memory, either paraglide west to the road from the tower in Hyrule Field, or follow the road heading north from the Outskirt Stable, taking the turning on the right heading north after you've crossed the bridge over the river. As previously mentioned, the memory can be found immediately in front of the statue of the horse, which is directly on the right hand side of the road.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 15 - Return of Calamity Ganon

Although this memory can be found along Lanayru Road, the road itself is a fair distance from any civilisation, lying quite a way east of Kakariko Village and west of Mount Lanayru.

To reach the road, head directly north from the tower in the East Necluda region, crossing two roads and scaling a cliff to the find the road on the north side of said cliff. Once you've hit the road head to the west, and you should come to the location of the memory just before the East Gate on the Lanayru Road.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 16 - Despair

The Despair memory can be found a way east of the tower in Hyrule Field, directly next to the Hylia River. To reach the location, simply start at the Hyrule Field tower and paraglide directly east, running past any wolves or Bokoblins that should happen to get in the way of Link.

The final location of the memory can be found in the midst of a small group of trees, along the left bank of the Hylia River. The memory itself can be found in a clearing within the trees, right in front of two particularly large trees.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 17 - Zelda's Awakening

This seventeenth memory will only become available to Link once he has collected all other memories from Zelda's photo album, and then returned back to Impa in Kakariko Village. Upon returning to Impa, Link will then be tasked with finding this last memory, an image of which Impa has set up on a campus.

To find this memory, head back to the Dueling Peaks stable, and head directly east of here, through the sea of ruined Guardians, until Link is in between two small bodies of water. There, just next to a ruined Guardian, the memory will present itself to the player.

Breath of the Wild Captured Memory No. 18 - The Master Sword

This, the final chronological memory of all the captured memories, can only be obtained through pulling the Master Sword out of the stone, where it was left after Link originally fell 100 years ago. To find out how to retrieve the sword from the stone, consult our guide on how to unlock the Master Sword.

Should you need more assistance in finding all the Captured Memories locations, we've also got a video below that will help you out.

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Now that you know the exact location of each missing memory, you should be filling in the backstory leading into Breath of the Wild in no time at all, and meeting all four champions on the way to defeating Calamity Ganon.

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