Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Best Swords and Heavy Weapons

Weapons, bows and shields - we’ve got all the inside information on where to find the very best of the best weapons and equipment, scattered throughout Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

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There are a near immeasurable number of weapons found throughout The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and in this guide we'll walk you through the very best swords found within Hyrule, as well as where to obtain them and how to put them to proper use.

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Breath of the Wild's Best Swords

Biggoron's Sword

To obtain this extremely rare and treasured sword (it's appeared throughout the Legend of Zelda series) you'll need to purchase an amiibo.

In this case, the Amiibo that gives the player the chance of unlocking Biggoron's Sword is the Ocarina of Time Link. It should be noted that the item isn't actually guaranteed to drop when using the Amiibo, instead you'll have to keep scanning in the Ocarina of Time Link Amiibo every day for a chance at Biggoron's Sword. The unique weapon has an attack rating of 50, ranking it as one of more powerful swords found in Breath of the Wild.

The Master Sword

We couldn't exactly compile a list of the best weapons in Breath of the Wild without mentioning the Master Sword. This historical weapon appears once again in Breath of the Wild, and is stated by Princess Zelda herself to be the only weapon that can seal away Calamity Ganon forever.

Consult our guide on obtaining the Master Sword for the full walkthrough, as Link will need to make his way through the Lost Woods, clear the Korok Trials, and obtain enough heart containers in order to remove the fabled sword from the stone.

Savage Lynel Sword

The Savage Lynel Sword is undoubtedly one of the greater loot drops from the Lynels, but can only be obtained through either the silver or white-maned Lynels, which can be found in the northern Hebra region and the colosseum ruins, respectively. The attack rating of the Savage Lynel Sword stands at 58, ranking it fairly high in this list of the best weapons found in Breath of the Wild.

Should you need any help in taking on the most powerful variant of Lynel in Breath of the Wild, be sure to consult our guide on how to defeat Lynels.

Sword of the Six Sages

The Sword of the Six Sages was previously featured in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, but can now be unlocked for use within Breath of the Wild, but only you are willing to purchase the Ganondorf amiibo.

However, the weapon is not a guaranteed drop from the Ganondorf amiibo, and is actually fairly rare to happen across. It features an attack rating of 48, but also possesses the 'durability up' function, making it a reliable weapon when wielded by Link.

Breath of the Wild's Best Claymores

Edge of Duality

The Edge of Duality weapon is one of the sturdier swords found within Breath of the Wild, and carries an attack rating of 50, ranking it as one of the better two handed swords found throughout Hyrule.

There are actually several copies of this sword scattered within the world for Link to obtain, and each will respawn when the Blood Moon appears in the sky. While it is possible to obtain the Edge of Duality through the Sheik amiibo, another version can also be obtained from a Moblin in Hyrule Castle, as well as in a labyrinth in the Gerudo Desert area.

Royal Claymore

The Royal Claymore is a two handed sword that was formally issued to guards of the royal family of Hyrule, but with the royal family and their castle now lying in ruins, a number of these weapons are lying around in the open world, just waiting to be seized by Link.

The Royal Claymore has a base attack rating of 52, and can be found in various treasure chests in Hyrule Castle, Gerudo Desert, Hebra Mountains, or on the necklace of a sleeping Hinox.

The Royal Guard's Claymore

Effectively the big brother to the Royal Claymore, the Royal Guard's Claymore has an even greater attack rating of 72, but it doesn't have an incredibly high durability, making it a good weapon to save for boss fights.

There are two different Royal Guard's Claymores than can be found in Hyrule, both of which are situated within Hyrule Castle. The first can be found in a cell near the castle docks, while the second can be found after a waterfall within the guard's chambers.

Breath of the Wild's Best Heavy Weapons

Boulder Breaker

The Boulder Breaker, which features an attack rating of 60, is most useful in situations where Link finds himself faced with a Stone Talus, or when he needs to smash up a few ore deposits to gain some precious gems.

To get this unique weapon, Link will need to recapture Divine Beast Vah Rudania from the clutches of Calamity Ganon. Although the Boulder Breaker has the 'durability up' ability, it will eventually break, but you can obtain a new one from Rohan the blacksmith in Goron City. This will cost you one cobble crusher, five pieces of flint, and one diamond.

Mighty Lynel Crusher

The Mighty Lynel Crusher is one the more powerful weapons wielded by the blue variety of Lynel, which are undoubtedly one of the more formidable enemies found throughout Breath of the Wild.

The Mighty Lynel Crusher boasts an attack rating of 54, making it one of the more powerful heavy weapons featured in Breath of the Wild. The blue Lynels that it has a higher chance of dropping from can be found around the Akkala region, just a minute west of the Akkala Ancient Technology Lab.

Find out how to take down these beasts in our how to kill Lynel's guide.

Savage Lynel Crusher

While the Mighty Lynel Crusher isn't exactly a weak weapon, the Savage Lynel Crusher makes it look so, boasting an attack rating of 78 and generally being considered as one of the more powerful weapons in Breath of the Wild.

The Savage Lynel Crusher is considerably rarer than the Mighty Lynel Crusher, and can only be obtained from the Lynels with white manes, two of which can be found in the Hebra and Eldin mountain ranges in Hyrule.

For more on the best swords in Breath of the Wild, check out the video below.

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Now that we've covered the very best melee weapons Link can obtain in Breath of the Wild, you should have no problem storming Hyrule Castle and rescuing Princess Zelda.

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