The Division 2 Skills - Best Skills, Skills List, How to Unlock More Skills, Turret Bug Fixed

The Division 2 Skills - Best Skills, Skills List, How to Unlock More Skills, Turret Bug Fixed

Skills are a huge part of The Division 2, allowing you to gain the upper hand against your enemies. Here’s what you need to know.

The Division 2 mixes realistic gunplay with more high tech gadgets and equipment. Guns will be your bread and butter, though you won’t get very far without using your Skills effectively. Skills are essentially special equipment which allow you to do everything from taking out large groups of enemies, to healing your teammates. You’ll need to decide pretty early on which Skills you want to invest in, and with no way to test them out beforehand, you might feel a little overwhelmed as to the choices you should make. To help you out, we’ve put together this The Division 2 Skills Guide. It will cover everything you need to know about skills in The Division 2, from what the best ones are, to how to unlock Skills.

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The Division 2 Skills

Once you’ve completed your first main mission in The Division 2, you’ll start having access to Skills. Skills are handled via the Quartermaster, who will allow you to spend Skill Points you’ve earned while playing. You’ll only have access to one Skill Slot at first, but can unlock a second easily. Let’s take a look at all of the Skills that you can use in The Division 2.

The Division 2 Skills List

There are eight Skills in total in The Division 2, though there are multiple variants of each one, allowing for further customization. Some facilitate healing, others are focused on offensive strategies, so it’s worth experimenting with new Skills as often as you can. Let’s take a look at all of the Skills you can use in The Division 2.

Once you’ve unlocked a few Skills, you’ll want to start modding them. To read more about Skill Power and Skill Mods, head over to our The Division 2 Skill Power Guide.

The Division 2 Pulse Skill

The Pulse Skill in The Division 2 is a seriously useful piece of kit. There are three variants, allowing agents to scout out enemies and block their equipment. The three variants are as follows:

  • Scanner - pulses the surrounding area for hostiles and visually highlights them on the agent’s HUD
  • Remote - deployed at a set location and continually pulses the nearby area for hostiles and visually highlights them
  • Jammer - pulses outwards, overloading and disabling hostile electronics

So which Pulse mod should you use? We found little use for the Scanner and Remote variants of the Pulse Skill. The one that did prove to be effective was the Jammer, especially against enemies with pesky RC cars and turrets.

The Division 2 Turret Skill

Next up is the Turret Skill. It’s likely one that you will want to equip early on, as it can be very effective against charging Hyenas. Once again, there are three different variants to choose from, each offering a different kind of tactical advantage.

  • Assault - automatically tracks and attacks hostile targets, but this behavior can be manually overridden to target a specific enemy.
  • Incinerator - Manually controlled by the deploying agent to dispense streams of flame in a forward-facing cone
  • Sniper - fires high-caliber rounds at manually selected targets

In terms of which Turret Skill to use, there are pros and cons to each. The Sniper is great early on to remove the armor of tougher enemies. The assault turret can be used to pin down enemies and give you some time to heal.

The Division 2 Hive Skill

The Hive Skill in The Division 2 is easily one of the best in the game. There are four different types, and they all offer different advantages and uses in combat. Let’s take a look at the Hive Skill variants.

  • Restorer - repairs the armor of a targeted ally
  • Stinger - sends out micro drones which attack and distract
  • Reviver - deploys small drones to revive fallen allies
  • Booster - delivers a stimulant to nearby allies that increases their combat efficiency

The Hive Skill in The Division 2 is perfect for multiplayer, especially the reviving option. If you’re rolling on your own, the Stinger Hive is seriously great at taking out multiple enemies, even heavily armored ones.

The Division 2 Chem Launcher Skill

The Chem Launcher is a great skill for those looking to provide tactical support from a distance. There are four different versions to take a look at, with one of them easily being one of the best in the entire game.

  • Reinforcer - disperses a cloud of gas that repairs and reinforces the agent’s allies’ armor
  • Firestarter - creates a cloud of explosive gas that can be ignited through explosives, weapon fire, etc.
  • Riot Foam - fires a payload of sticky foam that immobilizes targets.
  • Oxidizer - releases a cloud of corrosive gas that damages enemy armor, skill proxies and causes damage over time.

The skills to go for here are the Firestarter and the Oxidizer. The latter is great for taking on elites. Later on, when dealing with flamethrower elites and axe elites, the Riot Foam can also be hugely helpful.

The Division 2 Firefly Skill

Next we have the Firefly Skill, essentially a smaller, faster drone. It is used to quickly tag enemies with different kinds of payload, which can then be triggered. There are three types to choose from:

  • Blinder - blinds enemies, causing them to be unable to function at full combat effectiveness.
  • Burster - attaches explosive charges to targets that detonate if two are in close proximity
  • Demolisher - damages or destroys enemy weak points.

The Demolisher is the way to go here. It can easily take out higher level enemies once armor is exposed, and its speed can really help you out in a pinch.

The Division 2 Seeker Mine Skill

The Seeker Mine Skill can turn the tables if used correctly. The beauty of it is in its autonomy, in that once you throw it, it’ll seek out enemies for you. There are three types available:

  • Explosive - tracks down hostiles and explodes on reaching close proximity
  • Airburst - seeks out enemies and then launches an explosive burst into the air
  • Cluster - splits into smaller seekers and tracks down enemies

The cluster Seeker Mine is the Skill which we’ve used most often, largely due to the large number of enemies that it can do damage to. The explosive is great for taking on a single enemy, and is essentially a direct grenade hit that you don’t need to worry about aiming.

The Division 2 Drone Skill

The Drone Skill has had somewhat of a difficult place in The Division 2 meta thus far, thanks to a bug related to throwing it out while in a squad. Regardless, it can be a great way to pin down enemies, essentially offering a moving turret with high range of contact.

  • Striker - tracks targets and attempts to maintain line of sight while continuously firing.
  • Defender - deflects incoming bullets from a sonic emitter mounted beneath the drone.
  • Bombardier - sets two points, then deploys a payload of miniature explosives between them.
  • Fixer - replenishes allies’ armor

We’d recommend rolling with the Fixer while in a group, to be deployed when facing bosses. Alternatively, the Defender can be a great way to buy yourself time to heal.

The Division 2 Shield Skill

Finally, we have the Shield Skill. Its benefits are obvious, though which variant you choose will drastically change the way you approach enemies while using it. Let’s take a look at the 3 shield types in The Division 2

  • Bulwark - full-body coverage, only sidearms can be equipped.
  • Crusader - allows all primary weapons, except snipers, LMGs and rifles.
  • Deflector - causes incoming fire to ricochet to a nearby highlighted target. Only a sidearm can be used.

The Deflector allows you to shoot, shield and deflect bullets to another target. This is perfect for close-quarter engagements, and for approaching and healing a downed teammate.

The Division 2 Best Skills

While every Skill in The Division 2 offers its own tactical advantages, there are some that are better than others. Of course, there’s an element of personal taste that will determine which Skills you find effective, and it’s important to compare with members of your squad to make sure you have a well-rounded set up. We’ve played around 30 hours of The Division 2, and have shared our thoughts on the best Division 2 Skills below:

  • Seeker Mine (Cluster) - in terms of damage dealing, explosive skills, the cluster bomb is easily the best. This is especially true early on, as it will allow you to clear enemies as a method of engagement. A bonus side effect of the Cluster Bomb is that it also highlights a few enemies to you, essentially acting as an area scan.
  • Turret (Sniper) - For taking down armored elite enemies, the Sniper Turret is a really viable option. You’ll have to trigger it manually, but its ridiculous range and accuracy make it a great way to pick off any snipers that have you pinned down.
  • Hive (Reviver) - For harder missions, while playing in a team, the reviver is an invaluable asset. It allows you to revive allies from afar, saving you time and potential fail states.

How to Unlock Skills in The Division 2 - Earning Skill Points

You’ll need to spend Skill Points at The Quartermaster in order to unlock Skills in The Division 2. To earn them, you need to complete main missions. You’ll be awarded one per major mission, which will allow you to unlock a Skill. From there, you’ll need to spend SHD tech to unlock mods, costing 5 SHD Tech a piece.

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