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Here’s what it’s going to take if you want to successfully complete every Challenge in Fortnite Week 7, including how to follow the treasure map in Retail Row, and how to search the Hidden Gnome in named locations. Our Fortnite Challenges guide to week 7.

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Finding Hidden Gnomes in Fortnite Battle Royale is by no means an easy task, as you'll have to survive long enough if you want to successfully track down a Gnome. In this Fortnite Hidden Gnomes guide, we'll walk you through the Hidden Gnome locations, as well as what to do whenever you hear laughing in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Hidden Gnome in Different Named Locations

As you can see in the image just below, one of the Fortnite Week 7 Challenges is to 'search the Hidden Gnome in different named locations'. To fully complete this challenge and bring yourself one step closer to bagging the 4,000 XP reward once you've completed every challenge in the list, you'll need to find seven Hidden Gnomes over as many Fortnite Battle Royale games as necessary, and luckily not just in one game.

So firstly, you'll note that the challenge requires you to search in named locations for the Hidden Gnomes, and this means you'll have to be within the vicinity of any of the place names on the Battle Royale map, for example Salty Springs or Fatal Farms.

Fortnite Laughing Sound

Next, you'll need to go about actually locating a Hidden Gnome in any of these named locations on the Battle Royale map. The method of finding a Hidden Gnome is actually rather strange, as you'll need to be keeping a keen ear out for any laughing you might hear. The laughing is actually coming from a Hidden Gnome, and it'll get louder the closer you get to the gnome, meaning that if you can get within earshot of the gnome itself, you're already halfway there.

When you eventually track the Hidden Gnome down to its final position within the named location, you'll need to hold down either Circle or B while facing it, to 'search' it. This is the act of searching the Hidden Gnome in the named location, and we should mention that you'll need to then go ahead and finish the game of Battle Royale in which you found the Hidden Gnome, for it to count against your total. It doesn't matter if you die or if you finish in first position as the winner-all you need to do is complete the match.

Fortnite Gnome Locations

There are actually certain locations in which you're always guaranteed of finding a Hidden Gnome out in the wilds of Fortnite Battle Royale, and not inside a brick wall. The first of these is in Greasy Grove, inside the toilets of the longest building in the north west section of the small town.

There's also another Hidden Gnome in the Salty Springs area of the Battle Royale map, found in the multi-story house in the south of the town. If you head all the way into the basement, the Hidden Gnome is waiting for you underneath the stairwell.

In the southern area of Tilted Towers, there's an underpass with a few trucks inside. You can usually find the Hidden Gnome next to the truck to the southern end of the tunnel, although it is prone to being placed at other locations inside the tunnel.

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There's a Hidden Gnome guaranteed to be somewhere within the southern-most storage facility in Dusty Depot, and there's also always a gnome hiding in the very south east corner of Retail Row, through a door and within a house.

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