Monster Hunter World Monsters List - Every Monster in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2018, with the PC version to follow. Get all the info on the Monster Hunter World DLC, reviews and more. We've also got all the Monster Hunter World weapons and monsters.

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As the title of the game might suggest, Monster Hunter World features a fair few monsters, all of which can be fought and defeated by the player character. In this Monster Hunter World Monsters List, we'll be going over every monster we've found so far in the expansive game, in our Monster Hunter World monsters guide.

For anything else on Monster Hunter World, including how to track monsters quickly using the Scout Flies, as well as how to capture monsters alive, head over to our Monster Hunter World guides walkthrough hub.

Monster Hunter World Monsters List

Just below, you'll find a comprehensive list of every monster we know about so far in Monster Hunter World. As we haven't yet made it to the end of the massive game at the time of writing, we'll be continually updating the list featured just below, in order to bring you an extensive list of Monster Hunter World Monsters.

The brand new update for Monster Hunter World is out right now, bringing with it the ferocious Deviljho with it, as well as fourteen brand new weapons and armor items. For all the info you need to know on how to kill the beast, head over to our Monster Hunter World Deviljho guide.

From here on, you can find a brief overview of all the monsters that you can come across in the starting Ancient Fores area.

Monster Hunter World Rathalos

Monster Hunter World's Rathalos.

The formidable Rathalos is one of the oldest creatures in the Monster Hunter series, appearing very often near the top of the food chain in previous games. It's a safe bet to assume that the Rathalos will once again be near the peak of the food chain in Monster Hunter World, but bear in mind that it may not necessarily be the the most dangerous predator in the world come release day.

The Rathalos itself is a massive wyvern creature, able to spray fire from its mouth at foes both near and far, while also being able to pick up Hunters and smaller monsters alike in its razor-sharp claws. As wyverns have a tendancy to execute spinning attacks when grounded, you'll want to bear this in mind when facing off against a Rathalos in Monster Hunter World, as the creature has a large tail that looks set to pummel many unfortunate Hunters.

Monster Hunter World Anjanath

The Anjanath in Monster Hunter World.

Another fire type creature in Monster Hunter World, the Anjanath has a powerful nose that it can use to track down Hunters, both nearby and ones that are attempting to flee from the beast. When the Anjanath becomes enraged, it will sprout wings and it's nostrils will flare up, whereas it merely resembles a large T-Rex in its basic form.

The Anjanath might be one of the most intimidating monsters in Monster Hunter World, but we'll teach you how to track and take down the beast in our Anjanath guide.

Monster Hunter World Great Jagras

Monster Hunter World's Great Jagras.

You might have already seen this monster in promo footage for Monster Hunter World, as the Great Jagras was used in demo footage for all fourteen weapon types that Capcom put out earlier this year. We know that the Great Jagras can eat monsters of a similar size, almost doubling in size after its meal. It can also spit back out the creature it has previously eaten, which can be used to feed its young.

For a detailed look at the habitat, feeding habits, and more of the Great Jagras, including a guide on how to kill the monster, head over to our Great Jagras guide.

Monster Hunter World Barroth

The Barroth is a well documented beast in the history of Monster Hunter World. Capable of charging foes head on with its massive skull, or battering them with its deadly tail, the Barroth is one of the most ferocious creatures you can encounter in the Wildspire Waste.

Head over to our complete Barroth guide, for all you need to know about how to track and kill this massive creature.

Monster Hunter World Radobaan

The Radobaan is one of the most unique creatures in Monster Hunter World, able to curl up into a ball and either role away out of battle, or crush anyone that stands in its way. You'll have to bring everything you can to bear against the powerful Radobaan, as it's a monster that honestly doesn't have many weaknesses.

For all you need to know on how to successfully take down the Radobaan in the Rotten Vale region of Monster Hunter World, make sure to check out our complete Radobaan guide.

Monster Hunter World Legiana

The Coral Highlands region of Monster Hunter World is arguably the most striking area of the entire game, and the Legiana matches it in every way. This graceful beast shouldn't be underestimated, as it's got an entire arsenal full of powerful attacks, all backed up with superior aerial skills, and some devastating Ice attack.

If you need help on taking down the Legiana for good in the Coral Highlands region, head over to our complete Legiana guide.

Monster Hunter World Odogaron

Arguably one of the most powerful creatures in Monster Hunter World, the Odogaron is found in the treacherous Rotten Vale region, meaning that it spends most of time surrounded by poisonous gas. On top of all this, it's got some devastating attacks with its jaw and claws, and can inflict bleeding damage on the player.

If you need help learning how to take down or track the Odogaron in the Rotten Vale region of Monster Hunter World, head over to our Odogaron guide.

Monster Hunter World Diablos

Returning to the Wildspire Waste, the Diablos is a true force to be reckoned with. It's the undisputed king of the region, and has the nasty ability to burrow under the ground, only to re-emerge seconds later to deliver massive amounts of damage to anything in its way.

For all the information you need to know about this unique monster, head over to our complete Diablos guide.

For now, this is every monster that we know for certain is in Monster Hunter World. We'll be continually updating this guide with individual guides on monsters near the top, as we encounter more weird and wonderful creatures in the Wildspire Waste, Coral Reef, and other locations.

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