PUBG Xbox One - How to Clear Buildings and Loot Them Safely

Here are some essential PUBG tips in our PUBG Xbox One guide (also covers PUBG on PC). Including details on the Xbox One release date and the launch of the Miramar desert map. Also best weapons, attachments, spawn locations, and loadout tips. Xbox One controls, including how to reload, and how to improve the frame rate of PUBG Xbox One.

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a true dog-eat-dog game, where up to 100 players are dropped into a map with no weapons or equipment, and must scavenge everything around them in order to survive. In this PUBG Building Clearing guide, we’ll be running through the steps to clear any building in the game quickly and thoroughly, so you can get the best loot as quickly as possible and avoid getting killed. This guide will help you get better at playing PUBG on Xbox One.

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PUBG How to Clear Buildings and Loot Safely in Battlegrounds on Xbox One

Looting is essential in PUBG; you simply can’t hope to survive without weapons, especially the further into the game you get. All loot, whether it be weapons, backpacks, or clothes, can only be found in buildings scattered across the map. We’ve put together this PUBG tips guide on how to quickly and efficiently clear buildings, in order to get you weapons and gear as quickly as possible.

  • Before you enter the building, scope it out. Does it have windows? If so, get a good look inside before heading in.
  • Once you’ve opened a door into the building, hop into third person mode if you aren’t in it already, and face the wall on either side of the door. Now, slowly inch laterally towards the door, allowing you to have a good look inside the room.
  • As soon as you enter a building, immediately check the corners of every room you’re in. If an enemy player is hiding in a building, they’ll always be hiding in a corner.
  • Remember, every noise you make in Battlegrounds counts. It pays to go in quietly and slowly to a building, if you’re unsure whether there could be someone inside.
  • Loud noises in the distance can help you approach and enter a building silently. If you’re near the red zone, use the sound from the bombs to tactically sneak up on anyone inside a building.

Alternatively, if you like to live life on the edge in PUBG, there’s another strategy to conquering a building. Simply ignore all the above steps, and run in through the front door, using an automatic weapon to quickly scan every corner of the house, and eliminate anyone hiding there. This strategy, of course, is a lot more dangerous than the previous one, as it doesn’t allow time for properly scoping out the building before you head in. But, if you’re a little pressed for time, head straight into the building and up to the first or second floor (if the building has one), as we’ve found that the majority of better weaponry and gear tends to be stashed on the upper floors of buildings.

As we said, the rush in technique is very dangerous, but if you are confident in your ability to take out foes you can actually catch them unawares. We don’t recommend this option, but go on any forum or chatroom about PUBG and you’ll always find someone saying they’ve done this successfully.

Having said all this, neither of the aforementioned strategies are necessary if you land next to a building after jumping out of the plane. This is because, unless you opened your parachute early in the air and hung there for ages, if you land next to a house it will always be vacant of other players, leaving you to take whatever you can scavenge in there.

These are all the PUBG tips and tricks we have for how to loot and secure a building quickly and effectively.

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