Dauntless Best Weapons - The Best Dauntless Weapons and Damage Stats

Dauntless Best Weapons - The Best Dauntless Weapons and Damage Stats

This is our guide to the best Dauntless weapons, as well as a list of all the weapon damage stats.

Discovering which are the best Dauntless weapons in the entire game is going to take a lot of time and effort. Thankfully with this Dauntless best weapons guide, we can easily guide you through all the Dauntless weapons that you should be trying to get your hands on as soon as possible.

Dauntless Best Weapons

Firstly, we'll provide you with our list of the best Dauntless weapons you can possibly obtain in the game. If you'd rather a list of all the Dauntless weapons in the entire game, then skip down to the table of contents further below.

  • Stalker's Strike
  • Turmoil of Boreus
  • Molten Edict
  • Valomyr's Revenge

Dauntless Best Sword - Stalker's Strike

Dealing 100 with added 550 power, on top of 80 Umbral damage is powerful enough, without the added bonus of generating a Shadow Orb which increases damage dealt by 2.5% for 5 seconds.

Dauntless Best Hammer - Turmoil of Boreus

This weapon, which comes as either an axe or a hammer, has base damage of 100 plus 550 power, as well as 80 Frost damage. The charge attacks from the axe will also generate frost sprites, which cause your next attack to deal 50 bonus damage, plus minor Frost damage.

Dauntless Best Axe - Molten Edict

This is actually a special Exotic axe, which deals 100 damage, on top of a 550 power rating, with 80 Blaze damage added on top. This weapon replaces all hammer blasts with fireball effects, which deal bonus Blaze damage.

Dauntless Best Chain Blades - Valomyr's Revenge

Dealing 100 damage with a power rating of 550, with added 80 Radiant damage. Once you've charged up an attack, your next strike will deal 550 bonus Radiant damage.

Dauntless Weapons List

Below, we'll be delving into depth on all the Dauntless weapons available to you. Each type of weapon in the game has its strengths and weaknesses going up against Behemoths. But there's more than just one of each particular Dauntless weapon, so in the tables under each section, we'll be listing out the stats for each sword, axe, hammer, and more.

Dauntless Swords

Swords are by far and away the most balanced Dauntless weapons. They offer a middle ground on both strength and speed, essential for slayers that want to get up close and in the face of Behemoths, while also being able to retreat to safety at a moment's notice.

SwordBase DamageElemental Bonus
Training Sword70 damageNone
Recruit's Sword80 damageNone
Raging Blade100 damageNone
Cry of the Shrike100 damageNone
Quillshot's Tusk100 damageNone
Scarn's Rancor100 damage80 Terra
Charred Sabre100 damage80 Blaze
Winter Ice100 damage80 Ice
Ember Cutlass100 damage80 Blaze
Thundering Blade100 damage80 Shock
Nayzaga's Razor100 damage80 Shock
Pangar's Call100 damage80 Frost
Inferno's Razor100 damage80 Blaze
Storm Sword100 damage80 Shock
Kharabak's Spur100 damage80 Terra
Call of Dawn100 damage80 Radiant
Verge of Night100 damage80 Umbral
Sovereign's Torment100 damage80 Terra
Stalker's Strike100 damage80 Umbral
Onus of Boreus100 damage80 Frost

Dauntless Axes

The sword might have been a quicker weapon, but the axe weapons in Dauntless sacrifice this for pure hitting power. You've really got to time your strikes correctly with the axe, as you can stun and even cut the tails off larger monsters with a single charged up attack.

AxeBase DamageElemental Bonus
Recruit's Axe80 damageNone
Raging Bite100 damageNone
Song of the Shrike100 damageNone
Quillshot's Fury100 damageNone
Skarn's Judgment100 damage80 Tera
Charred Cleaver100 damage80 Blaze
Ember Scythe100 damage80 Blaze
Winter Gale100 damage80 Frost
Thundering Scythe100 damage80 Shock
Nayzaga's Scythe100 damage80 Shock
Pangar's Grace100 damage80 Frost
Inferno's Decree100 damage80 Blaze
Storm Cutter100 damage80 Shock
Kharabak's Claw100 damage80 Terra
Edge of Dawn100 damage80 Radiant
Reaper of the Night100 damage80 Umbral
Sovereign's Wrath100 damage80 Umbral
Stalker's Mercy100 damage80 Umbral

Dauntless Chain Blades

Like the sword, the chain blades combine speed and strength for some devastating results. The unique move of the chain blades are phase dashes, where you rapidly move forward and backward in the blink of an eye, being invulnerable to monster attacks. Combined with some rapid attacks in multiple succession, the chain blades can be devastating.

Chain BladesBase DamageElemental Bonus
Recruit's Chain Blades80 damageNone
Raging Teeth100 damageNone
Flight of the Shrike100 damageNone
Quillshot's Bonehooks100 damageNone
Skarn's Malice100 damage80 Terra
Charred Blades100 damage80 Blaze
Winter Wind's100 damage80 Frost
Ember Blade's100 damage80 Blaze
Thundering Cutters100 damage80 Shock
Nayzaga's Reach100 damage80 Shock
Pangar's Claws100 damage80 Frost
Inferno's Fangs100 damage80 Blaze
Storm Blades100 damage80 Shock
Kharabak's Wings100 damage80 Terra
Fang's of Dawn100 damage80 Radiant
Eyes of Night100 damage80 Umbral
Sovereign's Lash100 damage80 Terra
Stalker's Trap100 damage80 Umbral

Dauntless Repeaters

Added towards the end of Dauntless being in the early access stage of development, the Ostian Repeaters are the only true ranged weapon in Dauntless. While you can stand back in relative comfort and pelt a Behemoth from afar, the repeaters also offer one charged attack, which consumes shots to deliver one huge area of effect attack.

Find the Blacksmith in Ramsgate to craft new weapons. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Phoenix Labs

Dauntless Hammers

The hammers of Dauntless aren't entirely unlike the axes, sacrificing speed and precision for stopping power. With the hammer though, you've actually got a cannon that can fire out shells towards a monster. You can even use these shells as a mount to get into battle quickly, or charge them up to deal some huge damage on a monster.

HammerBase DamageElemental Bonus
Recruit's Hammer80 damageNone
Raging Crush100 damageNone
Fall of the Shrike100 damageNone
Quillshot's Roar100 damageNone
Skarn's Vengeance100 damage80 Terra
Charred Crusher100 damage80 Blaze
Ember Maul100 damage80 Blaze
Winter Squall100 damage80 Frost
Thundering Maul100 damage80 Shock
Nayzaga's Charge100 damage80 Shock
Pangar's Rampage100 damage80 Frost
Inferno's Crush100 damage80 Blaze
Storm Hammer100 damage80 Shock
Kharabak's Jaw100 damage80 Terra
Break of Dawn100 damage80 Radiant
Fall of Night100 damage80 Umbral
Sovereign's Grudge100 damage80 Terra
Stalker's Price100 damage80 Umbral

Dauntless War Pikes

Finally, there's the war pikes of Dauntless. This weapon is something pretty spectacular to witness in action, flailing around the head of the slayer to strike monsters in quick succession with fiery attacks. Through dealing out attacks in close quarters, the war pikes can be charged up, to let loose with one massive ranged attack that can immediately stun any Behemoths caught in its path.

War PikeBase DamageElemental Bonus
Recruit's War Pike80 damageNone
Raging Pike100 damageNone
Scream of the Shrike100 damageNone
Quillshot's Javelin100 damageNone
Skarn's Spite100 damage80 Terra
Charred Spearr100 damage80 Blaze
Ember Pike100 damage80 Blaze
Winter Vortex100 damage80 Frost
Thundering Spear100 damage80 Shock
Nayzaga's Fang100 damage80 Shock
Pangar's Toth100 damage80 Frost
Inferno's Arrow100 damage80 Blaze
Storm Pike100 damage80 Shock
Kharabak's Sting100 damage80 Terra
Spire of Dawn100 damage80 Radiant
Gyre of Night100 damage80 Umbral
Sovereign's Sorrow100 damage80 Terra
Stalker's Spike100 damage80 Umbral

If it's more Dauntless content you're after, then we've got you sorted. You can check out our full Dauntless beginner's guide, our in-depth Dauntless weapons guide, our page on the current Dauntless Season 5 Hunt Pass, or the current Dauntless server status page for more.

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