Pokémon GO Guide - Hoenn Region/Gen 3 Pokemon, Research Quests, Evolutions, Trading, Friendship Level

Our hub for all the hints, tips, tricks, and guides you need for Pokémon GO. Including info on Gen 3 Pokemon and weather effects.

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This Pokemon Go Guide hub contains everything you need to become a Pokémon GO master. Learn how to level up your Pokemon fast, how to get lots of candy stardust, how to use Pokémon GO Plus, and lots more.

Our Pokémon guides will basically answer the most frequently-asked questions in Pokémon Go, and will be updated as Niantic updates Pokémon Go. We'll have all the info on special Pokemon Go events, plus timeless guides that'll help you level up quickly, evolve certain Pokemon, and a whole lot more. Keep checking back for more tips and hints.

Pokemon GO Gen 3 Pokemon, Weather Effects

A horde of brand new Hoenn Region/Gen 3 Pokemon are now available to find worldwide in Pokemon GO, including the likes of Treecko, Cacnea, Torchic, Mudkip, and more.

In addition to this, real world weather will now have an effect on Pokemon GO. For example, if you're in a rainy, muddy environment, you'll have more chance of finding a Mudkip nearby. This is the first time that the weather will have an affect on Pokemon GO, and you'll be able to find different Pokemon as the weather changes, for example Cacnea can be found basking in the sun.

New Legendary Bosses have also been added to the game including Mewtwo, Groundon, Kyogre and more.

Pokemon Go Guide Hub

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Pokemon GO Research Quests

Pokemon GO recently added in a new research feature which tasks players with completing quests for Professor Willow. These Quest are split into two categories; Field and Special, with each one offering different rewards upon completion. You can check out all of the info in our Pokemon GO Research Quests Guide.

Pokemon GO Trading and Friends Lists

A new update has just arrived in Pokemon GO, one which brings an often requested feature to the game. Trading is now available, as is the ability to add friends. There is be a level associated with each of your friends which grants bonuses and rewards as it increases. This is called Friendship Level. You can read all about it in our Pokemon GO Trading Guide.

We'll keep you posted on all the latest news regarding new features for Pokemon GO, like new events, Legendary pokemon and more.

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