Pokémon Go: Where to Find Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, Electric Pokémon

Pokémon Go: Where to Find Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, Electric Pokémon

The best places to look for Pokémon based on type.

This Pokemon Go Pokemon Type guide will explain where to find Pokémon in Pokémon Go, based on their elemental type. Use our list below as a reference when hunting for Pokémon of a specific type. We've got info on where to find Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, Electric Pokémon, and more

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Where to Find Each Type of Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Part of the fun of Pokémon Go is wandering through your neighborhood and having new Pokémon pop up around you. However, since Pokémon tend to show up in more densely populated areas, some players must travel out of their way just to track down new Pokémon types. For this guide, we’ve put together a list of locations where you can generally find certain types of Pokémon in the real world. This information is based on user experiences and the kinds of places players have mentioned finding various Pokémon types.

Pokémon tend to appear in areas that coincide with their elemental type. For example, Water type Pokémon can be found near lakes or rivers. Keep in mind that these Pokémon locations are based on conjecture from the internet and are not guaranteed. You may still find different types of Pokémon in unexpected places, but that’s what makes Pokémon hunting fun in the first place.

In general, you will discover more Pokémon within cities or more densely populated areas. Be on the lookout for Pokémon in places where people tend to gather, such as parks, schools, libraries, and businesses. There’s a higher chance of finding PokéStops in these areas as well, so keep an eye out for blue squares on your map.

Pokémon Types and Common Locations in Pokemon Go

Normal Pokemon - Normal Pokémon are the most common and are found in every climate. Look within parking lots, cities, schools, parks, and anywhere with a decent sized population.

Fire Pokemon - Found in neighborhoods, residential areas, and dry climates.

Ice Pokemon - This rare type has been found near water, but not necessarily frozen water.

Bug Pokemon - Open fields, farms, forests, parks, playgrounds, and the countryside in general.

Flying Pokemon - Similar to Bug types, Flying Pokémon dwell near farms, open fields, and parks.

Grass Pokemon - Near grassy areas, such as golf courses, farms, gardens, or residential areas.

Water Pokemon - Near bodies of water, including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches, oceans, or harbors.

Poison Pokemon - Found near ponds, marshes, lakes, cities, parks, and industrial areas.

Electric Pokemon - Near industrial buildings, college campuses, and dry climates.

Ground Pokemon - Open fields, beaches, ditches, streams, railways, and airports.

Psychic Pokemon - Near the beach, and within grassland locations.

Fighting Pokemon - Found near local gyms, stadiums, and arenas, as well as residential areas.

Rock Pokemon - Towns, parking lots, and near streets. Check rock quarries too, for good measure.

Steel Pokemon - Within cities or near railroad tracks (please stay away from the actual tracks!).

Fairy Pokemon - Found near churches, cemeteries, monuments, or landmarks.

Ghost Pokemon - Within parking lots, usually in the evening. Check near cemeteries too, just in case.

Dark Pokemon - Found in dark places, such as movie theaters, cemeteries, and landmarks.

Dragon Pokemon - Found in cities, but have been known to appear near golf courses.

This information may change when Pokémon Go becomes available in more locations. For now, it’s best to take note of the locations and climates where you find rare Pokémon types during your searches. Use your own experience as a reference for finding similar Pokémon types.

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