Harry Potter Wizards Unite Master Notes - How to Brew All Potions in Wizards Unite

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Master Notes - How to Brew All Potions in Wizards Unite

This is our guide listing out all the Harry Potter Wizards Unite potions, detailing all the potion Master Notes that you need to know.

Potions play a pretty crucial part in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, at least once you've unlocked the ability to begin creating them. In this Harry Potter Wizards Unite potions guide, we'll be providing you with all the details you need with how to brew potions in Wizards Unite, as well as detailing the full list of Wizards Unite Master Notes for potions.

How to Unlock Potions in Wizards Unite

Although potions are a pretty integral part of the entire Harry Potter universe, you can't simply start brewing them from the moment you begin your journey in Wizards Unite. Instead, you're going to have to accrue enough XP to level up your witch/wizard to level 4 in Wizards Unite, at which point you'll unlock the ability to brew potions.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potions List

Before we get onto the Master Notes for potions in Wizards Unite, we'll begin by listing out every single potion you can brew in the game. In the table below, you can find the potion name, the level you unlock the potion at, all ingredients used in creating the potion, and the effects of the potion when you drink it.

Potion NameUnlock LevelIngredientsEffects
Baruffio's Brain ElixirLevel 42 Leaping Toadstool, 2 Frog Brain, Runspoor Eggs, Powdered Dragon ClawDouble XP for traces, Wizarding Challenges, and Portkeys
Exstimulo PotionLevel 4Bitter Root, Re'em Blood, Snowdrop, Granian HairImproves spell casting in traces and Wizarding Challenges
Healing PotionLevel 6Wormwood, 3 Bubotuber Pus, 2 Dittany, Dragon LiverRestores 35% of stamina when taking damage in Oddity Traces and Wizarding Challenges
Strong Exstimulo PotionLevel 73 Bitter Root, 4 Snowdrop, Abraxan Hair, Re'em BloodStrongly improves spell casting in traces and Wizarding Challenges
Invigoration DraughtLevel 8Honeywater, Vervaine Infusion, Surveygrass, 2 LovageGrants focus for strategic spells in Wizarding Challenges
Dawdle DraughtLevel 102 Valerian Root, Sopophorous Bean, Butterscotch, Hermit Crab ShellReduces a Confoundable's chance to flee
Strong Invigoration DraughtLevel 13Honeywater, Vervain Infusion, Survygrass, 2 SneezwortGrants significant focus for strategic spells in Wizarding Challenges

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Potions Master Notes Solutions

Now that you know all the potions in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you'll want to know about Master Notes. When creating a potion, you're given the option to trace a few patterns on the screen, to shorten the brewing time of a potion by 15%. These are the Master Notes, and they're incredibly useful if you want to cut down your waiting time for a potion.

In the list below, we'll be outlining all the Wizards Unite Master Notes for potions that we've uncovered so far in the game.

  • Baruffio's Brain Elixir - Swipe clockwise, pinch in, swipe left, left, pinch out, shake phone.
  • Exstimulo Potion - Swipe up, up, and clockwise.
  • Healing Potion - Pinch in, swipe clockwise, tap three times, pinch in.
  • Strong Exstimulo Potion - Swipe up, up, anti-clockwise, clockwise.
  • Invigoration Draught - Swipe right, up, up, pinch out.
  • Dawdle Draught - Shake phone, swipe clockwise, anti-clockwise, anti-clockwise, pinch in.
  • Strong Invigoration Draught - Swipe right, up, up, up, pinch out, pinch out.

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