Wizards Unite Energy - How to Get Wizards Unite Spell Energy Quickly

Wizards Unite Energy - How to Get Wizards Unite Spell Energy Quickly

Here's how to get Wizards Unite spell energy quickly, by visiting Inns and other locations to earn spell energy.

Wizards Unite energy is a currency that's divided the player base of Harry Potter Wizards Unite somewhat, to the point where Niantic has stepped in and modified the amount of spell energy given to you when you visit an Inn. In this guide explaining the Wizards Unite energy, we'll be walking you through how to get Wizards Unite spell energy as easily as possible.

How to Get Wizards Unite Spell Energy

  • Walk up a house and tap on it.
  • Swipe the pattern on the screen.
  • This will let you eat the food in the house.
  • You'll now recharge spell energy.
  • Repeat the process until you've maxed out your spell energy.

Wizards Unite Spell Energy Explained

Whenever you're up against a magical creature that needs dealing with in the world of Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you'll see a special spell energy number appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. When you first start out playing Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you'll have a maximum spell energy figure of 75, and this will govern how many spells you can cast before you're ultimately out of energy.

Each spell you cast against a creature costs spell energy. When this figure runs down to zero, you'll be unable to cast any additional spells against creatures, so you're going to need to figure out how to recharge your spell energy number quickly in Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

How to Get Spell Energy in Wizards Unite

On the overworld map in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you're going to see building markers on the map, that look like very small houses. Since Wizards Unite uses your location, these small houses are placed as designated points in the real world, which you'll need to be within a certain proximity of to interact with.

Here are the houses you can interact with. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Niantic

So walk up to one of the houses on the map, and tap it. You'll now find that your screen is in a small room of a house, with some cutlery, plates, and bowls in front of you. There'll be a prompt to swipe in a certain pattern using your finger on the screen, not unlike you'd do if you were casting a spell against a creature.

When you do this, you'll actually eat the invisible food that's in front of you on the screen, on the plates and bowls. When you do this, your spell energy will recharge a set amount. So if you're absolutely drained of spell energy, visiting just one house might not be enough to fully recharge you, and you might need to visit multiple houses and eat a fair few meals to max out your spell energy.

As it stands, this is the only known way of recharging your spell energy in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. We should note that every house in the game has a cooldown timer for when food within that house automatically replenishes, so you can't just revisit the same house over and over again in a few seconds to recharge your spell energy.

However, if you can actually increase the maximum amount of Spell Energy your character can store up. If you go into the Diagon Alley store in Wizards Unite, you can shell out 150 gold coins to permanently upgrade your Spell Energy reserves.

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