5 Possible Locations for the Elder Scrolls 6

Wondering where The Elder Scrolls 6 could be set? Join us for some speculation about Bethesda's upcoming project.

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The Elder Scrolls 6 might be a long time coming just yet, but there's plenty to speculate about between now and its eventual release. Bethesda's E3 2018 teaser for the next entry in the RPG franchise gave away very little, but speculation has still been strong as to where the game could possibly be taking place within the world of Tamriel.

Just below, you can find a list of five possible locations in which The Elder Scrolls 6 could take place. There are new and old locations alike in the list, just in case Bethesda feels like revising locations from previous Elder Scrolls games.

High Rock

Yes, this location might have already been covered by Bethesda back in The Elder Scrolls 2, but it’s still entirely possible if you look closely at the reveal trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6.

The trailer might have been incredibly brief, yes, but you can distinctly see mountainous regions in the footage. As you can probably guess from the name, High Rock is no stranger to mountains, and there’s even a brief glimpse of a desert region in the trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6, which the southern areas of High Rock feature as the land pushes further towards Hammerfell.


Khajiit has speculation, if you has time. The home of the feline race in The Elder Scrolls universe, Elsweyr certainly makes sense for the next installment in the saga, since no main game has visited the land before.

The Khajiit are an oppressed race throughout Skyrim.

If the land of Elsweyr were to feature in The Elder Scrolls 6, we’d then have to wonder in what time period the game is set. If you remember back to the main plot of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, The Empire is in ruins and most of Cyrodiil, including Elsweyr, has been completely overtaken by the Aldmeri Dominion, High Elves from Summerset Isle.

Keep in mind that Skyrim was set 200 years after The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, so it’s entirely possible that the Khajiit could have freed themselves from the occupation forces by the time The Elder Scrolls 6 rolls around. Or, the game could feature the feline race fighting a war against the invaders. At this point, any of these options is a possibility.


Again, the location of Hammerfell was featured in The Elder Scrolls 2, but this doesn’t mean Bethesda won’t revisit the location that was featured alongside High Rock in the second Elder Scrolls game.

The Elder Scrolls has come a long way since it's second game.

Hammerfell is largely a desert region, stretching on for as long as the eye can see. This makes perfect sense for The Elder Scrolls 6, and the brief trailer for the game could definitely be showcasing the eastern portion of the region, which features desert that borders onto the mountains near Skyrim.

We’d definitely like to see Bethesda have another crack at Hammerfell, since the location and vast map wasn’t one of the strong points of The Elder Scrolls 2.

Summerset Isle

We mentioned it previously, but we could be going to Summerset Isle as part of The Elder Scrolls 6. The location was recently featured in the Summerset expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, and it’d definitely make a difference to visit a new island location in Cyrodiil.

Summerset Isle, home of the High Elves.

Going to Summerset Isle could directly tie into the war that the High Elves were last seen waging against The Empire. We could even play as a character looking to take the war to the High Elves on their own home territory, and it’d definitely make sense for this narrative to follow on from the established lore in Skyrim.

Outside of Cyrodiil

But what if Bethesda has got a bit sick and tired of Cyrodiil? After all, the last five Elder Scrolls game, and The Elder Scrolls Online, have all been set on the same continent, so maybe it’s time to look to new horizons.

The complete map of Tamriel is no doubt massive.

We briefly journeyed to the land of Akavar in The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, which lies far to the north of the main continent of Cyrodiil. There’s no reason why Bethesda couldn’t ditch the continent entirely, and set sail for new locations around the world of Tamriel.

There are surely other lands like Akavar out there across the seas of Tamriel, and we definitely wouldn’t be opposed to exploring them in The Elder Scrolls 6.

Speaking to our sister site Eurogamer recently, Todd Howard confirmed that the location of The Elder Scrolls 6 has already been decided. "The first thing we do is the world so we've known for a while where it's set", Howard said, saying that the location of the game was set in stone "a while ago".

If you need a full recap on everything that Bethesda announced last night at their E3 2018 presentation in LA, make sure to head over to our Bethesda E3 2018 hub, for all that and more.

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  • Avatar for allanon10101 #1 allanon10101 2 months ago
    I doubt Elsweyr because the architecture of that ruined castle in the trailer is inconsistent with anything we have seen in ESO related to the Khajiit. Similar with Summerset and Hammerfell, Summerset tends to be more narrow towers and spiky roofs, and Hammerfell is more into domes and minarets. Also, if that was in the eastern region of Hammerfell approaching Skyrim, the ocean would be on the other side of the screen as the pan would be south-west to north-east coming up the coast to the mountains, so that theory is out.

    I would say that based on the open ocean to the right, the landscape, the castle architecture and the mountains, that we are almost certainly bound to High Rock for this one.
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  • Avatar for AnimeGamerDude #2 AnimeGamerDude 2 months ago
    As much as these predictions are very good i feel like i have to say this. Boi!!! what you talking about the Continent of Cyrodill. My man Cyrodill is a region in the continent of Tamriel. Tamriel isn't a world it's a single continent that's made up of the regions Cyrodill, Skyrim, Hammerfell, Blackmarsh, Elsweyr, Valenwood, Morrowind, Highrock, and Summerset Isles. Please fix your error my dude cuz honestly this is a mistake than can cost you credibility.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #3 MetManMas A month ago
    I was really hoping for an Elder Scrolls 6 in Black Marsh, but given the prominent mountainous terrain I don't really see that happening. A pity, it's one of the only regions of Tamriel still doing well for itself and it'd be cool to see how a race of lizard people in the swamp react to the dragons returning. Maybe as DLC...

    It's probably High Rock, but Valenwood could be another possibility. The region does have some mountainous terrain (at least according to the 2D map), and of course it has a lot of forest. Like Elsweyr it is currently controlled by Thalmor, but really that's all the more of a reason why I'd think it'd be a likely candidate. I mean, just like Elsweyr has Khajiit that don't believe Aldmeri's lies, there's likely a Bosmer resistance trying to take their country back from the Elf Nazis.

    Heck, maybe they'll pull a Daggerfall and cover two regions? Valenwood and Elsweyr are both pretty small compared to other parts of Tamriel, but about as big as Skyrim when combined.
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  • Avatar for TheHappyHippo32 #4 TheHappyHippo32 19 days ago
    First of all, Cyrodiil is a province in Tamriel, it is not the continent itself.
    Secondly, it is spelled Akavir, not Akavar (not a major mistake, but still pointing it out)
    Thirdly, we did not visit Akavir in Oblivion, we went north to Pale Pass, which is between Cyrodiil and Skyrim. Akavir lies to the Far East, not north.
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