PUBG Best Plays - The Best PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds Kills, Vehicle Stunts, and Best Wins

PUBG Best Plays - The Best PlayerUnknown's Battegrounds Kills, Vehicle Stunts, and Best Wins

Here's all the best community highlights from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, including killstreaks, vehicle explosions, and epic finishers.

We've rounded up some of the best PUBG plays we can possibly found from around the web, featuring great moments from players all around the world. All the best PUBG kills are featured in the videos listed throughout this page, but we'll be continually adding more and more entries to the article, in order to highlight the very best PUBG plays that we can find.

If you perhaps need help on conquering Battlegrounds, including information on weapon and vehicle spawn locations, as well as the best places to eject from the plane, head over to our PUBG tips and tricks guides hub, for all that and more.

PUBG Best Plays, Best Kills

First up, we've got a highlight reel in itself, from the Twitch Plays YouTube channel. The channel puts together highlight videos on the most popular games currently being streamed through Twitch, and since Battlegrounds has sold over 6 millions copies in just 4 months, it was obviously going to make the cut.

Whereas the previous video was a highlight reel of epic moments, this next video is a highlight reel of downright weird moments. We've got someone getting shot in the ass by 50 people, a group of players trying to imitate a pack of sharks, and a row of vehicles all driving into a lake at once, for reasons we can only guess at.

In this next video on the PUBG highlight reel, we've got a four-person squad, all setting up one massive roadblock on one of the bridges. Don't think they're stopping at taking out just one vehicle, as the group defiantly hold their ground against everything that comes at them, no matter how many people are barrelling towards them in vehicles.

With this next PUBG video, we're returning to a good old fashioned killstreak, in which one player decides to take on everything that everyone can possibly throw at him, using the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. We can only wish we were this good.

The frying pan might be an unsuspecting item in PUBG, but this weapon of mass destruction can devastate any enemy unfortunate enough to be caught in its path, as you can see here from a player that seems to be imitating Superman.

Having suffered at the hands of someone on a motorcycle before in Battlegrounds, let me tell you that while the clip below is fun to watch, be thankful you're not on the receiving end of the motorcycle.

Next up, we've got a player who has apparently inherited Neo's bullet dodge ability in The Matrix. This lucky player survives dozens of shots in their general direction, actually getting hit by most of them, but still somehow coming out on top.

Some people might not know that Battlegrounds is actually an early access game, as it carries a debatably high price tag on Steam. With early access games sometimes comes some technical difficulties, as you can see for yourself in the clip just below.

The clip just below perhaps isn't going on the highlight reel of the player himself, but rather the person who cuts him down effortlessly, from a fairly impossible angle.

But, if you'd instead like to see a team crumble in epic fashion, then skip to 1:12:00 and watch our sister site Eurogamer playing Battlegrounds in the video below. It's a fight of epic proportions, as teammates band together, fight for their lives, and then accidentally turn on one another.

Coming up next, we've got another highlight that isn't exactly one for the record books. The title is an apt description of what takes place, as two players are seemingly doing their best to repeatedly miss each other.

I don't necessarily wish I had the skills of the player in this next video, but I do sometimes wish I was as daring as he is, even if he does use his Battlegrounds partner as a form of bait.

In this next video, the old guy playing gets more kills than I've had in almost every single game of Battlegrounds to date. Respect your elders, eh?

As we've said, we'll continue to update this post repeatedly with the very best PUBG plays from around the web, whenever we find any standout content on either YouTube or Twitch. Until then, we'll be continuing on our very own journey to obtain the fabled chicken dinner.

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