Zelda Link's Awakening Chain Chomp - How to Rescue BowWow

Zelda Link's Awakening Chain Chomp - How to Rescue BowWow

Here's how to find BowWow in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Switch.

At a certain point in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you'll be tasked with rescuing the Chain Chomp from Mabe Village. In this Zelda Link's Awakening Chain Chomp guide, we'll be walking you through where to find BowWow after he's kidnapped.

Zelda Link's Awakening Chain Chomp Rescue

After you're done with the Tail Dungeon in Link's Awakening, you'll pass back through Mabe Village. When you get back, one of the townsfolk will tell that you that their pet Chain Chomp has been kidnapped by Moblins, and take off to their lair. It's now your job to go and rescue the pet.

You now need to go up and through the Mysterious Woods. You're basically angling northeast the entire time, so you come out at Koholint Prairie, near the witch's house, where you can hop over some gaps on the ground to claim a Piece of Heart.

The location of BowWow's captors. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Head up from the Piece of Heart, and you'll get to Tal Tal Heights, with the swamp on your northwest. Now head right, to where you can see a stone owl statue, and you'll notice that there's a cave entrance just to the right of the statue, with a stone Moblin head above the entrance.

Zelda Link's Awakening Chain Chomp Dungeon

In the first room of the mini dungeon, there's just one blue Moblin to defeat. In the next room however, there's four blue Moblin's that are all chucking spears at you, so make sure to raise your shield, and get a few rapid hits on a Moblin whenever you have the chance.

Then there's the boss fight to finish off the dungeon. This boss is simple: he's going to throw spears at you, which you can easily block with your shield. You need to go to the opposite end of the dungeon from the boss, to bait him into pounding his chest and running head on at you.

Move out of the way once the boss has commenced charging at you, and he'll ram into the wall, dizzying himself for a short amount of time. While he's down, you need to repeatedly lay into him with your sword. This should take about three tries, but after that the boss will go down for good.

BowWow will now follow Link around. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo

Head into the room on the right after the boss has been killed, and you'll find Chain Chomp, AKA. BowWow. Press A next to BowWow to rescue him, and you'll have secured him as a follower. BowWow will now follow you around wherever you go on the overworld, and you'll want to head to Goponga Swamp, where you'll need BowWow to access the Bottle Grotto dungeon.

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