Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Piece Locations - Where Are the Pieces of Heart?

Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Piece Locations - Where Are the Pieces of Heart?

This is our guide to the Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Piece locations, so you can track down all the Pieces of Heart.

In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Switch, you can find Pieces of Heart (or Heart Pieces), scattered around the map. In our complete Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Pieces guide, we'll be walking you through a list of all the Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Piece locations, so you can increase Link's maximum health as easily as possible.

Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Pieces Locations

Just below, you can see an in-game map of all our Heart Pieces locations. Note that some of these are actually obtained through story-related boss fights within dungeons, so in the list further down, we'll be going through all the Heart Pieces that are located outside the main path of Link's Awakening.

The in-game map with (almost) all the Heart Piece locations. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Nintendo
  • Just below the entrance to the Mysterious Forest from Mabe Village, there's a well. Jump down it from the ledge above, to find a Heart Piece at the bottom.
  • Play the fishing mini game in the north of Mabe Village to find another Piece of Heart.
  • You can buy a Piece of Heart in the Mabe Village item shop for 200 Rupees.
  • Visit the crane game shop in the southeast of Mabe Village, where you can try and win a Piece of Heart for 10 Rupees a try.
  • After obtaining Roc's Feather so that you can jump, exit the Mysterious Forest in the northeast. Jump over gaps in the ground to reach a Piece of Heart hidden in tall grass.
  • After obtaining the Power Bracelet, head to the west of the Mysterious Forest. Enter a fallen tree to find boulders that you can move in order to get to another Piece of Heart.
  • Just to the east of Mabe Village, in Ukuku Prairie, there's a weak section of a cliff face you can bomb to reveal a cave. Within this cave, you can use your Power Bracelet to clear a path to the Piece of Heart.
  • In the northeast of Tabahl Wasteland, directly south of Dampe's Shack, you can hop over a gap in the ground to obtain another Heart Piece.
  • In the cemetery, you can find four gravestones in the bottom left corner of the area. Push the very bottom right gravestone upwards to reveal a cave, where you can obtain a Piece of Heart.
  • Go to Tal Tal Heights after you've obtained the Flippers, and swim in the water at the top of the area. You can find a cave entrance towards the very eastern edge of the entire map, where you can dive down by pressing B to get a Heart Piece.
  • Go to the outer eastern area of Kanalet Castle, and dive into the moat. Swim all the way counterclockwise around the castle to reach a Piece of Heart that you can dive down to get.
  • Enter Animal Village, and go to the northeast boundary to reach an area behind the buildings. Go west along this path, and you'll find a Piece of Heart.
  • North of the Mysterious Forest and just west of Goponga Swamp, there's a small cave in the cliff face. Within this cave, you can find another Piece of Heart.
  • Just east of Tal Tal Heights, there's a hut where you can engage in raft racing for 100 Rupees. Instead of racing, choosing the mode where you collect items, and you'll need to stay towards the very west of the water area to get to an island containing the Heart Piece.
  • Just south of Martha's Bay, and below the statue of the mermaid, there's a series of gaps in the ground. If you can platform across these and make it down the stairs to the cave, you can find another Piece of Heart.
  • In the very northwestern corner of Koholint Island, you can find Turtle Rock, the final dungeon of Link's Awakening. If you can unlock the door nearest to the top left corner of the cave by using a small key, you'll come out above ground, where you can collect another Piece of Heart.
  • West of Martha's Bay, there's an area called Pothole Field. If you can claim all five Golden Leaves for Richard, who lives in the sole house in the area, you can access the field, and claim the Piece of Heart at the northern edge.
  • West of Martha's Bay again, and this time south of Pothole Field, you can jump over a series of holes in the ground using the Pegasus Boots to reach another Piece of Heart.
  • If you enter Yarna Desert, which lies east of Animal Village, you can find a sandworm in the northern reaches of the desert. Drop down the sinkhole in the middle of the area, and you can find a Piece of Heart in the cave that you land in.
  • Just to the right of the path up to Tamaranch Mountain, you can climb up a ladder from the ground and move a boulder to access a cave. In this cave, you can push a series of boulders around to reach a Piece of Heart.

How Many Heart Pieces Are There in Link's Awakening?

Assuming our calculations are correct, there are 20 Pieces of Heart to be found in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Note that these are counting only the Pieces of Heart that you'll find out in the overworld of Koholint Island, and not the ones that you'll obtain through boss fights.

What Do Heart Pieces Do in Link's Awakening?

For every four Pieces of Heart that you obtain in Link's Awakening, you'll be granted an additional heart on your health bar that you can see in the top left of the screen. This is paramount if you're going up against a particularly difficult boss or dungeon, or you can make things hard on yourself by purposefully avoiding collecting Pieces of Heart.

Note that we previously said there were Pieces of Heart you can find in the open world, and those that are rewarded from boss battles in dungeons. While it's true that you need to obtain four Pieces of Heart to be rewarded with a bonus heart in your health bar, this isn't the case with Heart Pieces that are rewarded from boss fights, as these will automatically give you another heart straight away, regardless of how many Pieces of Heart you've collected.

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