Zelda Link's Awakening Map Guide - All Fast Travel and Dungeon Locations

Zelda Link's Awakening Map Guide - All Fast Travel and Dungeon Locations

Here's our guide to the Link's Awakening map, including fast travel and dungeon locations, so you're never lost in the latest Legend of Zelda adventure.

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening might not be the biggest game on the Switch, but it's still pretty easy to lose your way around the map of Koholint Island. So in this Zelda Link's Awakening map guide, we'll be providing you with a complete overview of the map of Koholint Island, explaining where each of the dungeons are that you need to visit, and more.

Zelda Link's Awakening Map

At the beginning of your adventure in Link's Awakening, you'll start off in Mabe Village, on Koholint Island where the whole of the game takes place. You can see the full Link's Awakening map just below, with Mabe Village in the southwestern portion of the island.

The full Link's Awakening map. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ninteno

At the beginning of Link's Awakening, the map won't look like this. Instead, it'll look like a blank canvas, and you're going to need to venture to different parts of the map to fill in the map in this pause screen.

As you'll no doubt find pretty quickly though, navigating the relatively small map in Link's Awakening is no easy feat, especially in the first few hours of the game. To make life a lot easier for Link, you might want to go around unlocking all the fast travel spots.

Zelda Link's Awakening Fast Travel

And on the map screen just below, you can see all the fast travel points that we've unlocked so far in Link's Awakening. It's quite possible that these are all the fast travel points in the game, but if we find any additional locations, we'll update the image below.

All the warp fast travel locations. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ninteno
  • East of Mabe Village.
  • South of the Wind Fish Egg.
  • South of Animal Village.
  • East fo Toronbo Shores.
  • East of the Mysterious Forest.
  • In the east of Tal Tal Heights.
  • North of Goponga Swamp.
  • Northwest of Goponga Swamp.

In order to unlock any of the fast travel points shown just above, you need to find them. Some of them are hidden under boulders that you'll need to lift, for example the one you can see just under the Wind Fish Egg, but most of them, like the one east of Mabe Village, or south of Animal Village, are just sat there waiting to be discovered in the form of a rocky outcrop. Check out the example below:

A warp point on the map. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Ninteno

Zelda Link's Awakening Dungeon Locations

With this being a Zelda game, you'll obviously want to know about the dungeons. If you look back to the map screen above, you can see all the dungeons marked by the horned creatures on the map. In the list below, we'll be detailing the order of the dungeons in Link's Awakening, as well as where you can find them around Koholint Island.

  • Tail Cave - To the southeast of Mabe Village.
  • Bottle Grotto - In Goponga Swamp, north of Mabe Village.
  • Key Cavern - To the east of Mabe Village.
  • Angler's Tunnel - In between Tal Tal Heights and Tal Tal Mountain Range.
  • Catfish Maw - In Martha's Bay, west of Animal Village.
  • Face Shrine - North from Animal Village.
  • Eagle's Tower - In the northeastern corner of the map.
  • Turtle Rock - In the northwestern corner of the map.
  • The Wind Fish Egg - Directly at the northern edge of the map.
  • Color Dungeon (Optional) - In the cemetery, west of Kanalet Castle.

If it's more Link's Awakening coverage you're after, then USG has you sorted. You can head over to our additional guides on the game, including our Link's Awakening Dream Shrine guide for how to get the Ocarina, our Link's Awakening Kanalet Castle guide for how to complete the trading sequence, our Link's Awakening Slime Key guide for the locations of all the Golden Leaves for Richard, or our Link's Awakening Wind Fish Egg guide for more.

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