Zelda Link's Awakening Ocarina Songs - How to Learn All Ocarina Songs

Zelda Link's Awakening Ocarina Songs - How to Learn All Ocarina Songs

Here's how to learn the Ocarina songs in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Switch.

In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you can learn various Ocarina tunes to play once you've found the magical instrument. In this Zelda Link's Awakening Ocarina songs guide, we'll be walking you through how Link can learn all the various songs and tunes to play on his Ocarina.

Zelda Link's Awakening Ocarina Songs Guide

If you're yet to find the mystical Ocarina in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, then you need to go and undertake the mysterious Dream Shrine in Mabe Village. For a full walkthrough of how to get the Ocarina, head over to our Zelda Link's Awakening Dream Shrine guide.

But if you have the Ocarina, you'll want to learn three songs that Link can play. Just below, we'll list out all the Ocarina songs we've found so far, including how to unlock them.

Ocarina SongWhere to Unlock
Ballad of the Wind FishSpeak to Marin when she's in Animal Village
Manbo's MamboEnter the cave west of Angler's dungeon in Tal Tal Heights, and speak to the big fish
Frog's Song of SoulSolve the Signpost puzzle southeast of Mabe Village

The latter two Ocarina songs listed above are actually pretty useful in Link's Awakening. Firstly, playing Manbo's Mambo on the Ocarina will allow you to warp to any warp point on Koholint Island. This is really useful when you're stranded out in the middle of nowhere and need to get somewhere else on the island.

The Frog's Song of Soul meanwhile, is needed for the main story of Link's Awakening. After making it through the Signpost maze and recovering the Song of Soul, you can use it back in Mabe Village. Push the statue of the rooster aside, and Link can head down a secret set of stairs. In this small cave, you'll be able to play the Song of Soul to resurrect a rooster, which you'll need to gain access to the Eagle Tower dungeon.

If it's more Link's Awakening coverage you're after, then USG has you sorted. You can head over to our additional guides on the game, including our Link's Awakening Dream Shrine guide for how to get the Ocarina, our Link's Awakening Kanalet Castle guide for how to complete the trading sequence, our Link's Awakening Slime Key guide for the locations of all the Golden Leaves for Richard, or our Link's Awakening Wind Fish Egg guide for more.

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