Best Video Game and Console Deals - Black Friday 2018 Cheapest Games Consoles

Black Friday is here. The cheap deals extravaganza will be running all week, and we've got all the best video game bargains so you don't have to hunt around for PS4, Xbox, Switch, mobile, PC, and TV offers.

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Black Friday is here. After what seemed like months of build up, the sales event of the year has finally arrived! Use our handy Black Friday video game deals guide to ensure you get the biggest video game bargains, the cheapest PCs, the best laptops and more. If you’re eager for cheap video game deals, we’ve also got info on the best prices for PS4 consoles, the cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles, the best value laptops, and cheapest Xbox One S consoles available today.

If you're looking for something specific this Black Friday, we've got dedicated pages for Black Friday gaming deals covering PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. You might also be looking for some tech, so we've got a 4K TV deals page and a page dedicated to Mobile Phone/Cell deals.

Being an Amazon Prime member is useful over Black Friday as you get access to offers sooner and access to some exclusive prices. To sign up for a free trial, hit one of the links below:

Before we get started with the Black Friday game deals, why not take a look at this great deal on the 3rd Generation Echo dot at Amazon. It's currently half price.

Some excellent deals can also be had on the Amazon UK warehouse. Currently, and running until November 26, you can get 20% off all used products sold by Amazon (not by third-party sellers). Check out all the Amazon Warehouse Black Friday deals. All discounts are applied when you go through to checkout. Keep in mind that each item on the Warehouse has its own list of issues (sometimes a damaged box, but other times a dented product or missing items), but you can often grab a bargain.

Black Friday 2018 Video Game Deals

Over the Black Friday deals period there are likely to be great prices on PS4 consoles, PS4 Pro consoles, Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles, and Nintendo Switch consoles and accessories. We've got a round-up of some of them here, plus links to dedicated pages if you're only after deals for a certain platform.

PS4 Deals Black Friday 2018

The PlayStation 4 is highly likely to be in numerous great offers over Black Friday 2018. The PS4 Slim is hitting the sweet spot where it's finally in the tempting price range of around £200. With a game bundled in and some excellent prices on big AAA releases, there probably hasn't been a better time to pick up a PS4 if you've been waiting five long years to do so. There are also some amazing PSVR deals to consider.

Check out all the PS4 and PS4 Pro Black Friday Deals

Xbox One Deals Black Friday 2018

The Xbox One has been on the market for as long as the PS4, but it hasn't had nearly the same level of success. A disastrous launch (higher price than PS4 and less power) meant that the first few years on the market were tough for the Xbox 360 successor. These days the console, thanks to the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X, is seen in a better light, but as the underdog in the console war you're likely to get some extremely competitive deals this Black Friday.

Check out all the Xbox One and Xbox One X Black Friday Deals

Nintendo Switch Deals Black Friday 2018

Who doesn't love the Nintendo Switch? Nintendo will be hoping that a large number of people are only just loving it enough to want to buy one, with numerous great deals appearing over Black Friday 2018. Look out for cheaper solus Nintendo Switch console deals and bundles with games.

Check out all the Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deals

PC Gaming Deals Black Friday 2018

If you aren't into consoles, you're probably a PC gamer. PCs and gaming laptops can be hugely expensive, so Black Friday is often a great time to pick up a bargain. Look out for some great deals on desktop gaming rigs and laptops, although be aware that truly great gaming laptops are expensive all the time, even on Black Friday.

Check out all the PC Gaming Black Friday Deals

Mobile Phone Deals Black Friday 2018

Given how expensive mobile phones have become in recent years, more and more people are sticking with phones longer rather than upgrading every two years. If you've had your cell phone for a long time and are in the market for a nice upgrade, Black Friday will deliver some great deals on everything from sub $100 bargains to price cuts on the latest phones.

Check out all the Mobile Phone Black Friday Deals

4K TV Deals Black Friday 2018

A new 4K TV is likely to be one of the most wanted items over Black Friday. Finding the right one is harder than you might think, with a big difference between sets in each price range. Black Friday 2018 should offer some excellent deals for all ends of the 4K TV market, so keep an eye out on the best we've rounded up.

If you've bought a new console this Black Friday week, you might want a new TV to go with it. The LG OLED below is the best deal around at the moment, and comes with a five-year-warranty.

Check out all the 4K TV Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2018 - When Does it Start? How Long Does it go on for?

Black Friday always falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the US. As Thanksgiving takes place on Thursday, November 22, 2018, Black Friday is Friday, November 23, 2018. While traditionally a US event, Black Friday has well and truly made it over the UK now, even though Thanksgiving isn't celebrated in the UK.

Although the name Black Friday suggests that the event is a day long, these days it is anything but and is likely to last at least a week. Amazon and all the other big retailers kicked off their Black Friday deals well before the 23rd, and they will likely run over the weekend and lead into Cyber Monday Deals..

Why is Black Friday Called Black Friday?

Why is it called Black Friday? We're glad you asked. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, Black Friday has existed since the early 1960s, with the name a reference to the fact that the date marks the first day of the year that retailers are in the black (rather than being in the red). The colors are linked to how accountants record the credit side of an account in black and the debit side in red.

It’s possible that the black ink explanation isn’t the origin of the term, with some believing that the ‘black’ in question being in relation to police officers dreading the terrible traffic caused by the influx of shoppers into cities.

Whatever the reason for the name, Black Friday is now known for the large crowds of people, all desperate to grab the best deals - as you can see in the rather entertaining but terrifying video below.

Sony went big on PS4 Black Friday deals last year, and it will likely do the same for Black Friday 2018. With The PS4 marking its fifth anniversary on the market this November, deals for the basic Slim PS4 are likely to be pretty aggressive. The Xbox One X has been on the market for about a year now, so expect some great deals on Microsoft's powerful console on Black Friday.

PlayStation VR launched at a decent price, but it was still a little expensive for a lot of people - especially as it released around the same time as the PS4 Pro. Black Friday week is sure to throw up some excellent bundle deals.

Xbox One S is likely to be one of the most discounted consoles during the Black Friday 2018 sales. With the rise in 4K TVs (and probably numerous Black Friday 4K TV deals) the Xbox One S could be pushed as an amazing value games console and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player - something neither of Sony’s PS4 console variants offer. Given the One S is nearing the end of its lifespan, expect some pretty hot deals.

Nintendo’s latest console, the Nintendo Switch is likely to be a big seller over Black Friday, so expect some excellent game and console bundles. Accessories and games should also be among Black Friday offers, so maybe set some money aside for a new large SD card.

Video games are great for lovers of merch, and Black Friday is a great opportunity to get your hands on some of that lovely desk-fulling stuff at a slightly cheaper price. On the site we've got the best deals on Fortnite merch, Zelda toys, Pokemon collectibles, and Minecraft gifts. It's everything you ever wanted in the world of video game merchandising.

Black Friday 2018 Tips and Tricks to Survive and get the Best Video Game Deals

  • Set a budget and stick to it - Easier said than done, but try to give yourself a spending allowance for the Black Friday period. It’s easier to get carried away.
  • Don’t rush in - Make sure you look around for the best deals. Check our guide to the best Black Friday deals to make sure you’re not spending money you don’t need to.
  • Figure out what you want before Black Friday starts - Maybe you want a 4K TV. Do your research about that models you’d be happy with well ahead of the sales event starting. There will likely be lots of 4K TVs on sale over the Black Friday period, but some won’t be good, especially if you plan use the set for gaming. Be aware of input lag and what 4K sets offer true HDR capability. OLED TVs are now dropping in price, so think about if you want to spend a couple of hundred dollars more to get yourself what are considered to be the best sets on the market.

If you're looking for deals on specific games, we've got pages outlining the best Black Friday prices for Call of Duty Black Ops 4, the best price for Spyro Reignited Trilogy, all the deals on Red Dead Redemption 2, and the cheapest you can buy FIFA 19.

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