FIFA 19 Best Young Players - Highest Potential Players Under 21 in FIFA 19

In this FIFA 19 guide we detail the best young FIFA 19 ST, CF, RW, LW, best young FIFA 19 CB, LB, RB, best young FIFA 19 GK, and best young FIFA 19 CM, CDM, CAM, LM, RM in FIFA 19 Career Mode.

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If you're looking to play FIFA 19 career mode for the long haul, you'll need to bring in a new group of players to replace the ones that are set to retire. The best way to ensure this goes smoothly, and to maintain or improve your team's rating, is to sign young players with high potential. There are a handful of young players, under the age of 21, that have the potential to grow into world-class players. To help you pick the right ones, we've put together a list of the very best young players in FIFA 19. We'll break them up into position, and explain why you'll want to take a look at certain players with high potential ratings.

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FIFA 19 Best Young Players

If you're after the very best young players in FIFA 19 based on their stats at the start of the 18-19 season, we've got that list for you. Figuring out which players have the highest potential is a little tricker, but we'll bring you the list of highest potential young players as soon as we've worked them all out.

FIFA 19 Best Young Players with Highest Overall Ratings

Here we have the very best FIFA 19 young players who are aged between 17 and 21. This list is based on player overall ratings at the start of the 18-19 season in FIFA 19. Given these young players are already so highly rated, they are sure to high have potential as well.

  • Kylian Mbappé - 87
  • Gabriel Jesus - 83
  • Malcom - 83
  • Gianluigi Donnarumma - 82
  • Ousmane Dembélé - 82
  • Leon Bailey - 82
  • Marcus Rashford - 81
  • Matthijs de Ligt - 80
  • Youri Tielemans - 80
  • Onyinye Ndidi - 80
  • Oyarzabal - 80

As you may well have guessed, Kylian Mbappé is the best young player in FIFA 19, and at only 19 years old, he’s got a ton of room for improvement with a guaranteed high potential rating. Brazilian-born superstar Malcom has seen a huge improvement this year, so we’re predicting big things for the coming season and have high hopes that he will grow significantly over the years thanks to high potential.

What is Potential in FIFA 19 and Why Is Potential Important

If you're buying players for the future, Potential in FIFA 19 is perhaps the most important stat you should be looking at when scouting players. Potential is the predicted maximum overall rating for a young player, which can be reached if the player is allowed to reach their potential and is trained adequately. It's worth noting that a high potential rating doesn't guarantee that a player will reach that number. As with players in real life, FIFA 19 young players must be satisfied with their job, have plenty of game time, and take part in training in order to grow.

How to Check Potential Ratings in FIFA 19

So you now know how important Potential Ratings can be, how do you check the ratings exactly? Well, Potential is actually directly tied to scouting, and is essentially an evaluated value given by your scout to a potential signing. This value depends on how good your scouting is, which you can improve by scouting as often as you can. You can pay more for more effective scouts, with a scout’s effectiveness indicated by the star rating below each one. It's worth bearing in mind your scouting ability when investing in young players as a high margin of error can result in some average players making it through the cracks. If you are planning to spend a lot of money, try to wait until you have a more accurate picture of a player's potential.

FIFA 19 - Best Young GK With Greatest Overall Potential

We’ve listed the best FIFA 19 Young Goalkeepers below. They’re ordered in relation to their Potential Ratings, which are approximations based on real-world performance and last year’s figures. We’ll be updating them as more FIFA 19 Potential Ratings are released, but until then this is a pretty solid estimate of who the best young GK in the game is.

LeagueClubNameAgePositionApprox PotentialOVRApprox Growth
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)FC BayernFrüchtl, Christian18GK866521
Italy Serie A (1)FiorentinaDrągowski, Bartłomiej21GK867115
Italy Serie A (1)NapoliMeret, Alex21GK887514
Italy Serie A (1)FiorentinaLafont, Alban19GK897712
Italy Serie A (1)MilanDonnarumma, Gianluigi19GK948212

In terms of FIFA 19 best young Goalkeepers, you'll want to take a look at Gianluigi Donnarumma. He's got a seriously impressive reflexes rating, and at 19 years old, has a ton of room for improvement. You may have to pay a lot, but he's definitely worth it. A cheaper option is Drągowski, still a great investment.

FIFA 19 - Best Young RB, LB, CB With Greatest Overall Potential

Over of the defensive side of things we have de Ligt coming out on top. There’s also Diop and Henrichs to consider as well. You can check out the full list of FIFA 19 Best Young Defenders below.

LeagueClubNameAgePositionApprox PotentialOVRApprox Growth
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Bayer 04 LeverkusenRetsos, Panagiotis20CB857513
Spain Primera Division (1)Real MadridVallejo20CB85788
England EFL Championship (2)FulhamSessegnon, Ryan18LB856619
Spain Segunda A (2)FC Barcelona BCucurella20LB856918
Spain Primera Division (1)Real SociedadHernández, Theo20LB857610
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)RB LeipzigUpamecano, Dayot19CB867617
Spain Primera Division (1)SevillaGnagnon, Joris21CB867711
England Premier League (1)Crystal PalaceFosu-Mensah, Timothy20RB867412
France Ligue 1 (1)Toulouse FCAmian Adou, Kelvin20RB867513
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Bayer 04 LeverkusenHenrichs, Benjamin21RB867610
England Premier League (1)West HamDiop, Issa21CB877611
Holland Eredivisie (1)Ajaxde Ligt, Matthijs19CB898013

For your defensive line, there are few players as good as de Ligt. He has high Physicality, and a lot of room for growth. Consider picking up Theo Hernandez as well, as you'll be able to sway him from Sociedad for less than you'd think.

FIFA 19 - Best Young LM, RM, CM, CDM With Greatest Overall Potential

Your FIFA 19 team would be nothing without a solid midfield, and the young FIFA 19 midfielders listed below are the most promising in the game. Heading up the pack is Tielemans, with Dembele also showing some promise.

LeagueClubNameAgePositionApprox PotentialOVRApprox Growth
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoMboula, Jordi19RM857017
Portugal Liga NOS (1)BragaBruno Xadas20RM857411
Turkey 21LM857610
England Premier League (1)EvertonRicharlison21LM857712
England Premier League (1)EvertonDavies, Tom20CM857512
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Bayer 04 LeverkusenBailey, Leon21LM868210
Italy Serie A (1)SassuoloLocatelli, Manuel20CDM867512
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)VFB StuttgartAscacibar, Santiago21CDM867813
France Ligue 1 (1)LyonNdombele, Tanguy21CDM867814
England EFL Championship (2)Wolverhampton WanderersRúben Neves21CDM86799
England Premier League (1)Leicester CityNdidi, Onyinye21CDM86809
Spain Primera Division (1)Girona FCDouglas Luiz20CM867313
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Bayern MünchenRenato Sanches21CM867510
Italy Serie A (1)CagliariBarella, Nicolò21CM867616
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Borussia M'gladbachZakaria, Denis21CM867714
Italy Serie A (1)MilanKessié, Franck Yannick21CM867810
England Premier League (1)Tottenham HotspurEdwards, Marcus19RM876622
Italy Serie A (1)FiorentinaChiesa, Federico20RM877712
France Ligue 1 (1)Stade RennaisSarr, Ismaïla20LM877614
France Ligue 1 (1)Olympique LyonnaisTousart, Lucas21CDM87799
Spain Primera Division (1)FC BarcelonaAleñà20CM877016
Italy Serie A (1)NapoliDiawara, Amadou21CM877710
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Borussia DortmundPulisic, Christian19RM897811
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Borussia DortmundDembélé, Ousmane21RM90837
Argentina Primera División (1)IndependienteBarco, Ezequiel19LM907218
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoTielemans, Youri21CM908010

There are so many awesome young midfielders to choose from in FIFA 19. Tielemans, Dembele, and Ndidiare all great picks here, offering high pace and dribbling skills.

FIFA 19 - Best Young ST, CAM, CF, RW, LW With Greatest Overall Potential

Finally, we have the FIFA 19 Best Young Attackers. This covers ST, CAM, RW, LW and CF young players in FIFA 19, so expect good pace and shooting skills. It’s no shock that Kylian Mbappe is once again high on the list, though it’s also great to see Marcus Rashford and Embolo also being such great options as well. Here are the FIFA 19 Best young ST, CF, CAM, RW and LW players.

Spain Primera Division (1)RC CeltaMor, Emre21LW857415
Portugal Liga NOS (1)FC PortoRui Pedro20ST857215
Italy Serie A (1)AS RomaKluivert, Justin19LW867513
England EFL Championship (2)Wolverhampton WanderersDiogo Jota21LW86789
Spain Primera Division (1)Real SociedadOyarzabal21LW86807
Holland Eredivisie (1)VitesseØdegaard, Martin19RW867412
England Premier League (1)Swansea CityAbraham, Tammy20ST867413
England Premier League (1)Leicester CityIheanacho, Kelechi21ST867511
Spain Primera Division (1)FC BarcelonaMalcom21RW87836
Holland Eredivisie (1)AjaxDolberg, Kasper20ST887610
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)FC Schalke 04Embolo, Breel21ST887612
Italy Serie A (1)Inter MilanMartínez, Lautaro21ST887916
England Premier League (1)Manchester UnitedRashford, Marcus20ST88819
England Premier League (1)Manchester CityGabriel Jesus21ST928111
France Ligue 1 (1)AS MonacoMbappé, Kylian18ST94877
England Premier League (1)Manchester CityBrahim Díaz19CAM856919
England EFL Championship (1)SpursOnomah, Josh21CAM867114
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)TSG 1899 HoffenheimAmiri, Nadiem21CAM85788
Germany 1. Bundesliga (1)Bayer 04 LeverkusenHavertz, Kai19CAM887915

The obvious choice here is Mbappe, though you my struggle to sign him for anything less than an absolute fortune. We'd suggest you consider Diaz Brahim, Embolo, and Diogo Jota as a cheaper option.

Now that you know the young FIFA 19 players to look out for while playing, you should take a look at the Best FIFA 19 players overall. We’ve got some Best FIFA 19 Ratings Guides below, broken up into each position.

Tips For Buying the Best FIFA 19 Young Players

If you're trying to sign some of FIFA 19's best young players to your club in FIFA 19 Career Mode, there are some things you should know before going all in. Read the FIFA 19 tips below and you'll stand a better chance of snapping up some great young talent.

  • Players with lower overall ratings are cheaper, and can be a great choice if they have a Potential Rating over 80 anyway. Unless you’re managing a top tier team, you won’t really need to be targeting the best of the best, so keep these cheaper players in mind.
  • Potential Ratings are not guarantees, and are directly related to how good your scouting is. Only by investing in better scouts can you make sure that your evaluations are accurate, and how you treat your players plays a huge part as well.
  • Big clubs will be very reluctant to sell high potential players, so weigh up whether or not is worth your time and money negotiating if the club is just going to turn you down anyway
  • Transfer Negotiations are extremely important when signing a young player. Go overboard on goal-scoring bonuses and salary, and you'll be able to tip the scales in your favor
  • Consider putting your young players through regular training, it'll help them reach their true potential.
  • Keep your Young Players on the bench at the very least. You can then bring them on late game and give them some experience without jeopardizing the outcome of a game.

If you're looking for help with FIFA 19, we've got a full FIFA 19 guide. If you'd rather hop directly to one of our specific guides, we've got them all for you just below.

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