Horizon Zero Dawn: Where to Find the Power Cells to Unlock the Ancient Armor, the Game's Best Outfit

Horizon Zero Dawn: Where to Find the Power Cells to Unlock the Ancient Armor, the Game's Best Outfit

Here's how to unlock the best armor in the game. This guide will help you find the power cells in Horizon Zero Dawn. Power Cell locations guide.

It'll take an incredible amount of luck for Aloy to stumble upon the Ancient Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn, and even more luck to get every Horizon Zero Dawn power cell needed to unlock the armor, which is slated to the best available in the game. This Horizon Zero Dawn Power Cell Locations guide will tell you all you need.

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Horizon Zero Dawn - How to Find the Ancient Armory

There’s a bunker on the eastern side of the map right in the middle of Mother’s Embrace. The ruins marker can be found just southwest of a Strider area and northwest of a vendor. You can gain access to the ruin by climbing some rocks and finding a hole at the top of them. Jump all the way down the hole, and don’t worry about the fall. There’s water sitting at the bottom. If you went on the hunt for the Metal Flowers, you should already know the location of the Ancient Armory. This is the same location as Metal Flower Mark 1 (F).

The Ancient Armory is just past the Metal Flower location. Swim forward in the water and you’ll find the special armor can be seen through some glass. There’s a lock mechanism around the right side, but there are some power cells missing, making it impossible to get access. Thus begins the “Ancient Armory” quest and the hunt for power cells. This isn’t an easy hunt because there’s no way to tell where they are on the map. Plus, you’ll need all five to finally get the armor and the game wasn’t nice enough to hide extras. The quest says you only need two, but that door leads to a second door that requires an additional three cells.

Power Cell Locations in Horizon Zero Dawn

While you go looking for these power cells, there are a couple things to note. They will show up as green pick-ups on your HUD when you’re near one, and they all can be found in old bunkers and ruins. They are of the old world, and that’s where you can find them.

Power Cell 1: The first cell can be found in the original bunker from the beginning of the game where Aloy finds her focus. You can’t get to it when Aloy is a child. It can be found during her second visit. Make your way through that area until you see a formation of stalactites blocking a doorway. These can be smashed with her spear. The cell is directly on the other side of the doorway.

Power Cell 2: This can be found in the All-Mother Mountain. That’s the location after the Proving where Aloy wakes up missing all her gear. The location of the cell is in the same room where you find all your gear. Look for a locked door. There’s a small opening to the left that can be entered. Crawl through and grab the second cell.

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Power Cell 3: This cell can be found in the Grave Hoard in the northeastern part of the map. Head inside the entryway of that ruin and take out the enemies waiting for you there. It’s right after the door that has three locks. Look the crate to find the cell.

Power Cell 4: Find this cell in the “Maker’s End” quest. That’s the quest that ends with Aloy in the dilapidated meeting room after she learns the origin of the machines. Look to the east of the conference table. There are climbable rocks that take you above the doorway. Keep climbing to the top until you find the fourth cell.

Power Cell 5: In “The Mountain That Fell” quest. Head down the stairs after you see Faro talking to scientists. There is a secret path that you can drop down to that leads to tunnels into the mountain. Follow them until you see a shelf with the final Power Cell.

In the video below you can see a visual guide to each power cell location in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Unlock the Ancient Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn

Once you have all the Power Cells, head back to the ruins where you found the armor behind the glass. Plug in the first two power cells into the darkened dials. The code to unlocking the door can be seen on the rightmost terminal. They are times of day, but they are listed in military time. Here’s how they should be facing: up, right, down, left, top.

In the second room, plug in the three remaining power cells. The code to unlock the armor is listed as angles. Here’s how the holograms should be arranged: right, left, down, right, left. You are now the proud owner of the Ancient Armor.

For more tips, strategies, and guides for navigating the mechanized world of Horizon Zero Dawn, check out our main hub for info on mounts, collectibles, and more. You can also find info on the best weapons, which should go nicely with your new Ancient Armor.

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