Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks Locations: How to Find All the Tallnecks

Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks Locations: How to Find All the Tallnecks

Like a cross between Assassin's Creed towers and a giraffe, Tallnecks fill in the map for you. Here's how to find and climb the Tallnecks in Horizon Zero Dawn.

Finding and scaling all five Tallnecks scattered within the world of Horizon Zero Dawn will reward Aloy by uncovering large sections of the map that were previously shrouded in fog, as well as offering a nice XP bonus on top of this. This Horizon Zero Dawn Tallnecks guide will tell you how to find all the tallnecks and climb them.

Tallnecks are usually heavily guarded by a bunch of machines, but the Tallnecks themselves walk in such a large circle that it’s possible to climb them undetected. That’s usually the best approach to take with them. Otherwise, you can get caught in a large-scale battle with a bunch of machines, and nobody has time for that. So, if you’re approaching a Tallneck, equip a stealth-heavy outfit and stick to the weeds.

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All Tallnecks walk in a circle around a tall structure in the middle. You can’t climb its legs, so you have to find a platform that reaches out from the center structure. Then, wait for the Tallneck to walk by and jump on its back. Then climb up to its head and override it to collect the XP and uncover the map. Here’s where you can find the Tallnecks and how you can climb them.

Horizon Zero Dawn Tallneck Locations

Devil’s Thirst - This will probably be the first Tallneck you encounter. It’s north of the Main Embrace Gate. There is a ruined building in the center of its walking patterns. There aren’t too many machines patrolling this one to allow you to figure out how to approach it. Head inside the structure and look for a climbable wall. Head up to the platform and wait for the Tallneck to walk by. Then jump onto its back.

Sun Steps

This Tallneck is different because it’s in a bandit camp, so bandits are the only thing you’ll have to deal with if you’re spotted. There are also Corruptors down on the ground level, so make sure you take out bandits quietly. Make a path up to one of the wooden structures around the perimeter and jump on. Be sure to take out any overlooking bandits at the top. Once you override the Tallneck, it’s easier to fast travel out of there than try to get back out undetected.


Find this one east of Meridian and just next to the Gatelands Bandit Camp. The Tallneck has a large group of machines guarding it, including Sawtooths, Fire Bellowbacks, and Watchers. Stay stealthy, and if you get caught, just book it to a platform near the Tallneck. It walks in circles around two large rock structures. Once you’re out of the trenches and onto the rocks, the machines should leave you alone for the most part.


This Tallneck is tricky if you’re trying to go about it stealthily. Like the other Tallneck areas, there’s a large cliff in the center of its walking circle. You’ll have to find ledges to climb in order to reach the top. There are also Longlegs waiting for you at the top. Fortunately, there’s some tall grass up there to keep you hidden. If you have their overrides unlocked, override them to take them out of the picture. Do that to any Longlegs nearby, wait for the Tallneck, and jump on it.

Copper Deeps

You can find this Tallneck in the southwest part of the map just slightly southeast of Meridian. It’s walking around in water, which means Snapmaws, so watch where you swim. There are also a bunch of Glinthawks on the cliffs that you’ll need to climb. This is one instance where it may be wise to take them out before you head for the Tallneck. Otherwise, they’ll just keep following you around. Take them out and then wait for the Tallneck to walk by.

For more advice on getting the most out of the game, head back to our main Horizon Zero Dawn guide, which collects all the tips and item locations. You can also find info on the best weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn as well as the skills you should focus on when you first start playing.

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