Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Guide - Tips and Tricks, New Daemonic Enemies, Traveler Skill Tree

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Guide - Tips and Tricks, New Daemonic Enemies, Traveler Skill Tree

The Horizon Frozen Wilds DLC comes with new weapons, armor, and a brand new quest line for Aloy to undertake, in a remote corner of the world. /Find out how to upgrade Your Spear, find Animal Figurine locations, Farm Bluegleam, upgrade the Stormslinger, and discover the Pigment Locations.

The Frozen Wilds expansion is here for Horizon Zero Dawn, bringing an entire new area for protagonist Aloy to explore, on top of brand new quests, weapons, and armor items to obtain. In this Frozen Wilds guide, we'll be running over all the brand new gear you can get your hands on, as well as the new Traveler skill tree, on top of some of the brand new machines Aloy can take down.

If you need anything else to do with the Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, including how to access the DLC from within the main game, on top of a review roundup to hear what all the critics are saying, head over to our Frozen Wilds everything you need to know guide.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Guide

Before we go any further into the Frozen Wilds DLC, we have additional guides, detailing other areas of the expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, which you can find just below:

The Frozen Wilds is an expansion to the base game of Horizon Zero Dawn, and not standalone, so you'll need to own a copy of the main game to be able to access the DLC. On the subject of how to access the Frozen Wilds DLC, all you need to do is fast travel to the Daytower town in the middle of the map, and speak to the NPC with the blue marker above his head near the campfire. This will kick off the Into the Frozen Wilds quest, which will take you into the Banuk lands to the north.

Once you've arrived at the Banuk town of Song's Edge at the entry point to the brand new DLC area, the opening cutscene will play out, and Aloy will be introduced to the locals. She'll learn that there's a Daemon of some form dwelling in the mountain, which the local Banuk tribe have tried and failed to kill multiple times. Aloy now has to embark on a quest to find multiple missing people from Song's Edge, as well as finding out more about the beast within the mountain.

The Frozen Wilds Tips and Tricks Guide

Just below, we've got some key tips and tricks to help you tackle the frozen wastelands with Aloy. These new lands are designed to be endgame content, and so you should definitely undertake the expansion after having completed the main game.

  • There are plenty of new enemies in the expansion, but the base ones are bolstered into a "daemonic" form, meaning they're effectively tougher.
  • The enemies might be tougher, but they still have the same weak points as they would in the base game. For example, the Daemonic Scrapper is still weak on its hind legs, as well as the cannon on top.
  • We've found that the new Daemonic Scorcher is extremely vulnerable to damage from a Blast Sling, instead of arrows. Try tying it down with the Ropecaster, and then laying into it with some bombs.
  • Although there is a single Tallneck in the Frozen Wilds DLC region, this isn't your only method of uncovering the map. Instead, you can uncover the map from all the fog hanging over it from simply exploring.
  • Should you wish to reactivate the fallen Tallneck and uncover the map in one go, you'll need to find its three missing parts, all of which are actually within Scorchers and Glinthawks nearby.

The Frozen Wilds New Machines and Enemies

There are a fair few new foes for Aloy to get to grips with in the new area of the Frozen Wilds, that you won't find anywhere else in the base game of Horizon Zero Dawn. We've previously mentioned that some enemies now take on a tougher Daemonic form, and this is more prevalent around the Control Towers scattered throughout the region, which are marked on the map by the symbol just below.

The Control Towers aren't dissimilar from the Corrupted Zones in the base version of Horizon Zero Dawn. They buff all the machines around them with the Daemonic upgrade, so you'll need to take out the Daemonic machines patrolling the area, and then shoot the tank on the back of the Control Tower, causing it to explode. This will free the area from all the Daeominic machines, effectively making it a bit safer to venture out into the wilderness.

The Frozen Wilds New Traveler Skill Tree Guide

One of the big new features for Aloy herself in the Frozen Wilds DLC is the addition of a brand new skill tree, titled the 'Traveler'. This new Traveler skill tree basically focuses on perks that impact how Aloy interacts with the environment around her, as well as how she can interact with her machine mounts.

First off, we'd note that while the ability to sacrifice resources and modifications for half their Shard value with the Shard Salvager perk might sound good, you're robbing yourself of half your Shards through this method. Instead, we'd recommend saving up all your unwanted resources and mods for whenever you come across a merchant, and selling them off at the full Shard price then.

Other perks in the Traveler skill tree focus on how Aloy functions while both on and around machines. For example, the first Mounted Pickup perk lets you gather resources and search downed enemies while still mounted, while the Mount Repair perk lets you heal a damaged mount using your own Metal Shards. We'd be wary about spending too many Shards on healing your mounts, as you can always summon a brand new mount whenever you want, with the Call Mount + perk from the Forager skill tree.

The Expert Carver perk in the Traveler skill tree is one we'd definitely recommend investing in early on, as it costs just 2 skill points, and it increases your chance to loot rare items like Skins, Bones, Lenses, and Hearts from downed enemies. The perk that follows right after this one, called the Hoarder perk, is also worth investing in, as it increases Aloy's resource inventory slot by 20%, critical for when you're out exploring in the frozen wastelands of the north.

The Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine and Pigment Collectables

There are two types of new collectable items to scavenge around for in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. The first of these, as you can see from the screen just below, are Pigments, and there are three sets of these items, totalling nine Pigments for you to find in total. Once you've found any of them, bring them back to the Banuk painters in Song's Edge for a reward.

The second form of collectable item in The Frozen Wilds are the Animal Figurines. There are only six figurines for you to find in total in the new Frozen Wilds expansion area, but once you've picked up an Animal Figurine, you should take it to the town of Hollow Hall, in the eastern section of the Frozen Wilds area, and trade it in there for a reward.

Although we're yet to find all the locations of every Pigment of Animal Figurine in The Frozen Wilds, rest assured that as soon as we uncover the locations of any of these items, we'll be posting them here for you to find.

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