Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Animal Figurines Locations Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Animal Figurines Locations Guide

The Horizon Frozen Wilds DLC comes with new weapons, armor, and a brand new quest line for Aloy to undertake, in a remote corner of the world. /Find out how to upgrade Your Spear, find Animal Figurine locations, Farm Bluegleam, upgrade the Stormslinger, and discover the Pigment Locations.

In The Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll be tasked with finding several Animal Figurines scattered around the map. In this Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine Locations guide, we’ll be walking you through exactly where you can find all the Animal Figurines in the new frozen wilderness.

But if you instead need anything else to do with Horizon Zero Dawn’s Frozen Wilds expansion, including how to take down all the new Daemonic machines, as well as general tips and tricks for combat and the new environment, head over to our Frozen Wilds guides walkthrough hub.

The Frozen Wilds Animal Figurines Locations Guide

In this section of the guide, we’ll walk you through finding all six Animal Figurines in the Frozen Wilds expansion, pointing out where you can find them in their given zones.

Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine 1 Location

Firstly, you can find Animal Figurine 1 in roughly the middle section of the map, to the north. Unfortunately, you’ll have to take out the Control Tower and all the surrounding Daemonic machines to get access to this Animal Figurine, which can be found underneath the fireplace, within the remains of the building.

Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine 2 Location

For Animal Figurine 2, you’ll have to travel to the only dam in the Frozen Wilds expansion region, which is located in the western portion of the map. If you’re facing the dam itself, turn to the west, and make your way through the derelict buildings, going away from the dam, until you come to the Animal Figurine sat on a window ledge.

Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine 3 Location

Animal Figurine 3 can be found slightly north west of the town of Song’s Edge, the first proper location that you’ll come to in the Frozen Wilds expansion. It can be found in one of the small derelict buildings surrounded by red grass, on the ledge of a window.

Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine 4 Location

Animal Figurine 4 can only be found through undertaking the Shaman's Path main quest, which you'll get as soon as you arrive in Song's Edge, and witness the ceremony cutscene. It's a fairly length quest, but you can find Animal Figurine 4 near the conclusion of the quest, after you've finally met Ourea.

Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine 5 Location

For Animal Figurine 5, you’ll have to head all the way to the very north of the Frozen Wilds map, to the Drone Hangar. You’ll have to descend into the hangar, climb up the ladder, and climb across the wall to the terminal that lets you move the drone. Now climb onto the actual drone, and jump off the back left wing, where you’ll be able to pick up Animal Figurine 5.

Frozen Wilds Animal Figurine 6 Location

Going in the north east direction from Song’s Edge, Animal Figurine 6 can be found on the eastern outskirts of a Control Tower zone, at the base of a derelict tower.

This wraps up our guide to the Animal Figurine locations, but make sure to head over to our Frozen Wilds Pigments guide, if you need help on finding all nine Pigments within the Frozen Wilds map.

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