Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds How to Upgrade Your Spear Guide, A Secret Shared Quest Walkthrough

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds How to Upgrade Your Spear Guide, A Secret Shared Quest Walkthrough

The Horizon Frozen Wilds DLC comes with new weapons, armor, and a brand new quest line for Aloy to undertake, in a remote corner of the world. /Find out how to upgrade Your Spear, find Animal Figurine locations, Farm Bluegleam, upgrade the Stormslinger, and discover the Pigment Locations.

In The Frozen Wilds DLC expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, one of the new features introduced through the expansion is the ability to upgrade your spear with modifications, which wasn't previously available in the base version of the game. In this Horizon Zero spear upgrade guide, we'll be walking you through how to upgrade your spear, through taking on the Secret Shared quest in the Frozen Wilds DLC.

If you instead need anything else on the Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, including how to rebuild the fallen Tallneck, as well as all the general tips and tricks you need to take down the new Daemonic enemies, head over to our Frozen Wilds guides walkthrough hub.

The Frozen Wilds - A Secret Shared Quest Walkthrough

To get you on your way to upgrading your spear in The Frozen Wilds DLC, you'll want to head to roughly the same location as pictured below, where you can talk to Kamut. He's a seer of some kind, who tasks Aloy with heading to the very top of the Frozen Wilds map, and delving into the depths of the Drone Hangar dungeon there.

You'll need to make your way all the way to the very north of the Frozen Wilds map at this point. It's not an easy journey by any means, and you're bound to go past at least two Control Tower points, where all the enemies nearby will be buffed into their Daemonic forms. Make sure to stop off at any Campfires that you come across along the way, as there's bound to be some tough enemies like Snapmaws and Scorchers that you'll encounter.

Once you eventually reach the Drone Hangar, you'll want to drop down onto the lower ground, but be careful here, as there are three red mines spread out across the ground of the hangar. Shoot them with an arrow to set them off far away from Aloy, and then make your way forward to the actual drone, or "flying machine" if you're Aloy. Make sure to examine the machine corpse on the left to obtain some Bluegleam for your troubles.

Examine the drone using your Focus, and Aloy will announce that it is damaged. Now climb up the ladder in the area, and swing from a few rails to reach the opposite end of the drone hangar, where you can activate a console to move the actual drone. Now turn around and jump onto the drone, and then off its back right wing to reach a new platform.

Now make your way up from this new platform, until you reach a series of nodes that you have to reposition in order to advance further. The combination going from left to right is right, down, and then right again, and at this point the door to the right will open, allowing you to proceed all the way to a small new area, through an access vent, and to a second drone.

The Frozen Wilds - How to Upgrade Your Spear

Scan the drone with your Focus to reveal a rail that you can remove, and now backtrack to the entrance of the dungeon, over the lower wall nearby, where you'll have to prepare for a fight. A Daemonic Stalker will now ambush Aloy from the way you came in, and will put up a tough fight against you. To take it down, we'd recommend going with a Ropecaster to temporarily immobilize it, and then hitting it with either a few hardpoint arrows or some bombs. Make sure to scavenge the corpse of the Daemonic Stalker afterwards, as it has some nice loot on it.

To finish off the Secret Shared quest, and obtain your first spear upgrade, fast travel back to Song's Edge, and go just north to Kamut, who will reward you with a treasure box containing a rare spear upgrade item. That's the Secret Shared quest done, and you now know how to get your hands on spear modifications.

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