Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - How to Upgrade the Stormslinger, Geared Up: Stormslinger Quest Walkthrough

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds - How to Upgrade the Stormslinger, Geared Up: Stormslinger Quest Walkthrough

The Horizon Frozen Wilds DLC comes with new weapons, armor, and a brand new quest line for Aloy to undertake, in a remote corner of the world. /Find out how to upgrade Your Spear, find Animal Figurine locations, Farm Bluegleam, upgrade the Stormslinger, and discover the Pigment Locations.

Throughout Aloy's journey in Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, she'll come across the brand new Stormslinger weapon, through helping out the Banuk in several sticky situations. In this Frozen Wilds Geared Up Stormslinger guide, we'll be walking you through how to take the base version of the Stormslinger weapon, and upgrade it into a far more powerful tool. This includes a walkthrough of the Geared up: Stormslinger quest.

If you need anything else at all with the Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, including how to get access to the new DLC area, as well as everything you need to know to fight the new Daemonic enemies, head over to our Frozen Wilds guide walkthrough hub.

The Frozen Wilds - How to get the Improved Stormslinger

If you're new to the Frozen Wilds expansion for Horizon Zero Dawn, and are maybe wondering where to get the base version of the Stormslinger weapon, then look no further than the main quest line. All Aloy has to do is complete the very first Shaman's Path quest in the expansion, and she'll immediately gain access to the base version of the Stormslinger weapon.

But to go about upgrading the Stormslinger weapon to the Improved Stormslinger, you'll need to undertake the Geared Up: Stormslinger quest, which you can start by travelling to the eastern area of the Cut, to the village of Longnotch, and speaking to Varga, an Oseram trader living there.

You can find Varga dwelling in the town of Longnotch.

The Frozen Wilds - Geared Up: Stormslinger Quest Walkthrough

Speak to Varga, and she'll ask that you meet her at a Stormbird hunting site, which is all the way back in the main map area of Horizon Zero Dawn, just north east of the city of Meridian. Get there by any means necessary, and once you're in the same location as Varga, all you need to do is take down one of the Stormbirds flying overhead.

Killing a Stormbird is by no means an easy feat, even with Varga fighting at your back. We'd strongly recommend that you equip a powerful Ropecaster while fighting a Stormbird, so you can effectively anchor it to the ground, or at least keep it within range of a weapon like the Rattler. You'll want to have at least the Carja or Shadow variants of the aforementioned weapons, and you'll also want to equip gear that protects Aloy against shock attacks, as Stormbirds can send out a ball of electric energy towards Aloy.

Approach the fight with Varga with a full medicine pouch, as well as several powerful healing potions in your inventory, and you shouldn't have too much trouble dealing with a single Stormbird. If another one decides to join in the fight, then you might actually want to temporarily abandon the quest, and return to deal with one Stormbird at a time at a later date.

Once one of the Stormbirds is killed, loot its corpse to recover the Stormbird Talon item, and then talk to Varga. The dialogue option on the right will let you upgrade the Stormslinger to its Improved version, and you'll have wrapped up the Geared Up: Stormslinger quest.

We're aware that Aloy promises to bring Varga any additional weapons that can also be upgraded in the Frozen Wilds DLC expansion, so as soon as we uncover any of these upgradeable weapons, we'll publish guides for how to obtain them as quickly as possible, exactly as we have done here.

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