Horizon Zero Dawn: Metal Flowers Locations - Find all Flowers

Horizon Zero Dawn: Metal Flowers Locations - Find all Flowers

Finding special metal flowers in Horizon Zero Dawn will get you some nice rewards when traded in at a merchant. This guide will tell you where to find all 30 of them.

While there are more Metal Flowers than there are Banuk Figures in Horizon Zero Dawn, don't necessarily think that they'll be easy to find because of this, as each will be hiding away, well out of sight of Aloy. This Horizon Zero Dawn Metal Flowers guide will give you all the metal flower locations in the game.

Once Aloy leaves All Mother, she’ll be able to buy collectable maps from merchants, including the one by the door of Main Embrace. They’ll make it much easier to locate those treasures, and the maps only cost five metal shards and two blaze.

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Metal Flower Mark 1 Locations

  • Mark 1 (A) Inside the ruins that Aloy explores as a young girl. Find a door made of stalactites and smash it with your staff. The metal flower can be found inside.
  • Mark 1 (B) This is still before you head out into the open world. You can find this flower tucked away in the mountains in the southwest of the map. Head to the waypoint on foot and look for a tightrope towards it. That tightrope takes you directly to the flower.
  • Mark 1 (C) This one is just outside the walls of Mother’s Embrace. Head to that waypoint on the map until you reach a row of abandoned wooden houses. The flower can be found on the hill just behind them.
  • Mark 1(D) You can find this flower right by the end point of The War-Chief’s Trail mission. The flower is right behind the enemy camp at the bottom of the mountains. It’s hard to miss if you have have the Metal Flower Map.
  • Mark 1 (E) Just slightly west of the middle of the marker on the map. You can’t miss it.
  • Mark 1 (F) There’s a ruin just beyond Metal Flower 1C to the east on the map. Head inside the ruin to the south of the flower marker. The ruin is a large hole in the ground. Jump inside, and don’t worry about the fall, as there’s water at the bottom. The flower can be found as soon as you’re inside. If you head deeper into the cave, you can find the side mission “Ancient Armory,” which grants you a rare set of armor when you complete it.
  • Mark 1 (G) The G Flower is right at the center of its circle on the map. There’s plenty of cover around it to stay out of sight of the Sawtooths that are patrolling nearby.
  • Mark 1 (H) This is a tricky one for multiple reasons. The closest campfire is right next to the flower, so chances are you didn’t light it yet. If you die, you come back very far away. You have to worry about Glinthawks and bandits nearby as well. Hug the eastern side of the lake while you make your way to the waypoint, keeping out of sight of the Glinthawks. Veer to the east to stay in the treeline to keep hidden from Tramplers and the Sawtooth. The flower is just south of the center of the marker. Glinthawks will likely be alerted to your presence once you grab it, so fast travel out of there if you don’t want to get into a fight.
  • Mark 1 (I) This one is hiding in plain sight. Head to the marker right by the broadhead symbol on the map. The metal flower is in the middle of a cluster of trees.
  • Mark 1 (J) This is a bit of a tricky one. The flower is to the west of the center of the market on the map. It’s slightly up the mountains above the two patrolling Sawtooths.

Metal Flower Mark 2 Locations

  • Mark 2 (A) This is probably the most heavily guarded flower in the game. There are Glinthawks, Sawtooths and Scrappers nearby. Rather than waste the resources, sprint in grab the flower and fast travel out of there. It’s right at the center of the marker on the map.
  • Mark 2 (B) This flower is south of the center of its marker, and it’s being guarded by two Snapmaws. Use a tearblast arrow to expose its blaze canisters and light them up with fire arrows. Grab the flower as your prize.
  • Mark 2 (C) The flower is to the west of the center of its marker. It’s slightly up a hill along the stream. Fortunately, it’s not being guarded by anything.
  • Mark 2 (D) It’s at the top of the mountain and guarded by several Glinthawks. You can grab it and fast travel as soon as you have it, or try to take them down one by one. I prefer the fast-travel approach.
  • Mark 2 (E) This is another heavily guarded flower. There are two Thunderjaws and various other machines right near the flower. Rather than waste resources, crouch and sneak your way to the flower and then get out of there. It’s just south of the center of the waypoint.
  • Mark 2 (F) On top of the mountain and not being guarded. It’s at the center of the marker.
  • Mark 2 (G) This flower is up on a cliff. You’ll have to get past a few Glinthawks just before you reach it. It’s easiest to run past them. It’s just south of the center of the marker.
  • Mark 2 (H) It’s southwest of the center of the marker. This is another one that isn’t being guarded.
  • Mark 2 (I) The good news: This flower isn’t being guarded. The bad news: It’s a bit of a hike. The flower is all the way at the top of the tall cliffs. You can get there by a path on the opposite end of the mountain. See the path on the map. Follow it toward the waypoint and you can’t miss the flower.
  • Mark 2 (J) This flower is along the perimeter of a huge lake and is being guarded by a bunch of Snapmaws. If you hug the cliffs as you make your way toward the waypoint, you won’t have to worry about them. Stay crouched and grab the flower.

Metal Flower Mark 3 Locations

  • Mark 3 (A) Just to the west of the center of the marker. It’s on a hill that overlooks the water. You can get there without alerting the Longleg nearby.
  • Mark 3 (B) It’s up on the hill being guarded by four Glinthawks. Stick to the open low ground at the bottom of the hill. That gives you more room to avoid their attacks. Take them out one by one and head up the hill to claim the flower.
  • Mark 3 (C) This flower is close to the top of the mountain and there’s one Sawtooth nearby. If you check the marker on the map, it’s just to the southwest of the center. The snowy environment makes it easier to spot.
  • Mark 3 (D) This flower doesn’t really have any tricks to it, but it is near a couple patrolling Freeze Bellowbacks. Stay crouched, and you can grab it without them seeing you.
  • Mark 3 (E) This flower is on top of the mountain right in the middle of the waypoint. The top isn’t all that easy to get to. Walk around the base of the mountain near the waypoint and you’ll come across some climbable rocks. Climb up the mountain and take the flower.
  • Mark 3 (F) It’s another flower at the top of a cliff. There are a bunch of Glinthawks guarding it so take them out before you get up there. Once they’re all down, look for climbable ledges, and make your way to the top. The flower can be found right in the middle of the waypoint.
  • Mark 3 (G) They made this one pretty easy. It’s not being guarded, but it is at the top of a cliff. If you’re at the bottom of the cliff just shy of the waypoint, look for climbable rocks. You can climb all the way up to the top of the cliff. Then head to the waypoint and find the flower right in the middle.
  • Mark 3 (H) Just south of the middle of the marker. Don’t worry, as you don’t have to go to the island that is being patrolled by Snapmaws.
  • Mark 3 (I) Prepare for a battle to get this flower. It’s guarded by three Glinthawks, and it’s at the top of a cliff. There’s no way to stealthily grab it without them knowing, so you’ll have to take them out first. They’re vulnerable to fire and tear damage. Eliminate them, and cross the tightrope to claim another Mark 3 flower.
  • Mark 3 (J) It’s right under the bridge over the stream.

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