Pokemon GO Guide - How to Get Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Costumes in Pokemon Go

Here's our complete guide on how to obtain and equip the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon avatar outfits, that are now available in Pokemon GO.

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Niantic recently revealed that brand new Avatar items for Pokemon GO will be arriving in the game, inspired by the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, due to release in late November for the 3DS. In this Pokemon GO Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon costumes guide, we'll be walking you through exactly how you can unlock the outfits for your Avatars.

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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Costumes in Pokemon Go

So, what are the outfits for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, that you can obtain for Pokemon GO? You can see both the outfits just below, for the female and male trainers respectively, both of which are made to resemble the player character's outfit from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. It should be noted that these outfits look very similar to the player character outfit back in the original Pokemon Sun and Moon, so it doesn't look like many changes have been made.

How to Get the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Outfits in Pokemon Go

To obtain the colorful new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon outfits for your player Avatars in Pokemon GO, all you need to do is simply head to the in-game shop, and purchase them. Don't worry though, they're completely free as part of the campaign to promote the upcoming release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon on November 17, so you can pick them up free of charge, whenever you want.

To equip the clothing outfits for your player Avatar whenever you've picked them up from the in-game Pokemon GO store, simply head into the wardrobe and select the appropriate outfit. There have been numerous events so far for Pokemon GO, but this actually marks the very first time that an in-game event has been used to promote the release of another Pokemon game. Could we see this as a more common practice within Pokemon GO in the future? Only time will tell.

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