How to Share Items in The Division 2

How to Share Items in The Division 2

If you’ve just received a bunch of loot you don’t want, think twice before breaking it down. You can share items with your team, here’s how.

If you want to take on some of the harder missions in The Division 2, you’ll need to squad up. There are a bunch of benefits to this, from team skill support to buffs gained passively from your squad’s collective gear. Another benefit is the item sharing system, allowing you to swap gear with anyone in your group. There are some restrictions on what you can swap, and when, restrictions which aren’t made particularly clear at first. Worry not though, as we’ve put together this The Division 2 Item Swapping guide. It will take a look at how loot sharing works, how to swap items with other players, and which items can be swapped.

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The Division 2 Item Sharing

The loot you’ll receive from downed enemies in The Division 2 is largely random. This means that different members of a squad will receive different loot from the same mission, which can be frustrating if you end up earning gear that you have no use for. The team over at Massive thought about this though, adding in an item swapping system, which we will detail below:

How to Swap Items in The Division 2

In order to swap items in The Division 2, you first need to be in a group. This is the main caveat of being able to trade loot, in that you cannot just walk up to another player and trade gear. You’ll receive the prompt to swap items after completing an activity or gaining loot while in this squad, though you won’t be able to trade everything.

What Items Can You Trade in The Division 2?

There are some important restrictions that apply to which loot you can trade in The Division 2. You can only trade items that you have collected while in a group, for a maximum of one hour. You’ll see a countdown timer on tradeable gear that has been picked up while in a group. If an item is eligible, select it, and press L3/LS. This will bring up the item options menu. You can then select share, which will drop the item on the ground. Your teammates can then pick the item up.

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